Sathnam Sanghera Is Fabulous

June 13, 2009

I just finished his book “If You Do Not Know Me By Now”……

a book sooo soo personal…..that is shockingly moving for someone to have the balls to put out his family life out there….

I was not aware – as most people probably are not – what “schizophrenia”  (sp?) is ….unless one has a close friend or relative that suffers from it….

What Sathnam  does is have the innate  unashamed talent to write a VERY personal experience – about the poverty he grew up in – had never had runing water – a bath or – toilet indoors (I think until he was 8)…..his parent do not speak English…..his mother was married in  a pre-arranged marriage and was beatten by her husband…no one knew that his father suffered from schizo…the Punjabi culture has always been – like so many – SILENT ….of the way LIFE is…as his grandmum on his Dad’s side felt his mum put a black curse on her son and that was her excuse for her son’s schizophrenia ….

Sathnam’s sister suffers from the same …and S. thought he might have inherited it also….

I went down tonight to my favorite pub…”The Village Idiot”… finish the book…and out of nowhere my favorite “waitress”….who does not work more than a couple of days down there  appeared…and sat down across from me n said “Robert – what is happening in your life…”….I raised the book and gave her a brief synopsis of  it…..

her jaw dropped …she said “My brother is a Schizophrenic and is living homeless …..”

so after 2 more pints and dinner I finished the book….gave it to her….

we both hugged n broke into tears….

this girl is drop dead gorgeous…but is one of those Midwesterners that has a  heart of Gold….she has  (I gather) a well to do boyfriend….who is very talented….

I do love her to bits… she is one of a kind as is Sathnam…

Life just does not get any better when you know people like these….


One Response to “Sathnam Sanghera Is Fabulous”

  1. your sis said

    R – this is what I told you to do YEARS ago – you’re a NATURAL blogger – really happy you finally did it – and tha,t now, I’m finally reading it. Really wonderful – keep it up. It’s easier to read here than in e-mails – I like having it all there to read instead of in isolated emails. Bravo! See you soon xxd

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