It is fascinating to me how we all become so self absorbed with ourselves – but then I think WHY SHOULD WE NOT …we are not all Mother Teressa ……she never complained about the itchy clothes she had to wear – much less the people that she dealt with….

but when you hang out with people you know outside of the work environment and they let their hair down….you get a totally real appreciation for – an understanding of what challenges they encounter daily….not only from the work place but from their family …..and your perspective of your life changes – well mine does – and I love my Life all the more……only cuz I don’t have the enormous responsibility of raising kids….
my hat is off to all of you that do….
there is an article in this week’s ” New York” mag  that I was reading tonight at my local  pub – “The Village Idiot”  that was packed to the rafters – which I am so happy about – as they frankly do so much for the Community…..
it is an article about Madonna- called “Justify My Love” – and referenced her with Michael Jackson in which Emily Nussbaum says:
“Madonna was paired in the  public imagination with Michael Jackson.  For a while they were twin MTV phenomena, each with an outsize, candy-cartoon quality, dancers as much as they were singers, crossing lines of race and sexuality (they even had that weird publicity date at the 1991 Academy Awards).   But unlike Jackson, Madonna was no child star.  She’d built herself; and while Michael Jackson’s image was vulnerability, hers was proud control. She rejected the idea of being a victim, almost to a fault.”……….
I won’t comment on this – other than  saying there are some  grains of truth in most everything…..
and sayin that,
women – yes have had a Hard time – and still do – but if you are a Black woman – well – it has ALWAYS been a totally different story….compared to a Black Man – who has had also had a VERY hard time in this world – but it   has been a bit easier….than a Black woman’s experience….in Life…..
I – as you know – admire all Women – but especially Women of Color   –   Sojunner Truth – Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, Coretta  Scott  King, Toni Morrison, Zadie Smith, Monica Ali, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ethel Waters, Beyonce, the fabulous  Barbara Morrison and the gorgeous Michelle Bell…………
and the shit they have gone through and continue to go through… – well for a white man – just like having barbed wire dragged over your nude body and not  being able to complain……as you have a gag stuffed in your mouth – and if you fight – well you are dead….which you would opt for if you did not have two young sons to raise…..
Today I went to an afternoon party that one of my co-workers and his lover threw at their  wonderful house – and they are “sober ” or “alcoholics” – never know what the PC word is..
will never forget many many years ago -late at night after I was leaving a disco place –  Jeff offering me the joint he was smoking under the Eaves of the Bank Of Los Angeles (Shelley Andelson’s bank) – m not sure that is the correct name of the bank … at San Vicente and Santa Monica – he was hot then and still is – but I was surprised and very touched ….he noticed me – a wonderful man as is his lover named Jeff also
….and they  were wonderful putting up with us that drank…..alcohol – which was everyone but them…..fabulous barbecue – but to me –  the wonderful thing was not only seeing them together but to hear – the stories – that one does not hear at work……it just made me feel more human – with my faults – and love my workmates  more!!!!!
So what in the Fuck is the point of my ramblings……
The ideas you have in your mind ARE NOT necessarily True Reality……they are what you see at this point in time….
xxoo Rob
(n Sap – loved FINALLY spendin a bit of time with you – loved you before Jimbo did – but not because you are a different hue – but cuz – your heart is soo big….don’t kno where I got the idea all those years ago that you were goin 2 be a minister….but you know – you ARE  without havn to wear the collar….az u have ALWAYS HAD IT!!!!.)
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