An email from a dear Spanish friend in London and my response

July 5, 2009

you say forget about all my other blogs etc. I didn’t really know you wrote blogs. How many do you have? Why are you dong it. I always think that people that blog are those who don’t have anything else to do in their lives, but you always have had a lot going on. May be I have been wrong all the time.

You know? Yesterday was London Gay Pride day.  Just when in the US there was that independence day that you celebrate. Mariela Castro come over to London, and London Pride asked me to be a kind of host for her as she does not speak much English. Not that she needed me, because she brought her own interpreter, but the organisation wanted someone related to Pride to be with her and i was the only fluent in Spanish.

She come also with Alberto Roque, a Cuban doctor that works with transsexuals in Cuba. It was curious to see how she was so natural and nothing like a diva, which was good. She was very likeable and defended pretty much the revolution, the cuban system, Fidel Castro, but at the same time she is also pushing for change, especially in the ground of gay rights in which she is a well known leader all over the world, and London Pride acknowledge it placing her in the very front of the march. The only thing that kept me thinking was what people in Cuba would think about all the travelling these two are doing when ordinary citizens cannot travel abroad, unless things have changed recently, but I think that is something they would like to change too.

It was a very different Pride day for me. After that I meet a couple of friends, one almost passed out in Soho square due to an overdose of gammabutyloractone; well, may be passed out really, but my friend kept him moving. That was bad. Why anybody needs to be so high in the street at 7 pm? I guess I will never understand how the minds of addicts work.

WOW – Pablo – you REALLY did Pride right!!!!! I mean helping out to be the interpreter – for Mariella Castro of ALL People!!!! would love to have met her – my family’s history with Cuba goes back several generations….my Great Uncle took pictures of the “President” back at the turn of the Century – and took many many pictures in Cuba……way before Fidel….and then my parents took those photos down there and had an exhibit – they loved the Cuban people….

I did not go to our Pride a couple of weeks ago – since I well have been going since 1969 – and things have changed so much -young  guys today just take it  for granted what we went through back then –  think we are old farts – which we are – those that have not killed off by Aids –
and they are basically post-Aids and feel that they could never get it…..
it is just a totally different mind set – and the floats due to the economy have become well quite tacky……
EVERYTHING was quite EXCITING when I came out back in the 60’s – it was Revolutionary – we had a cause – gay bars back then – well the police raided all the time – will never forget when I first moved here my dear uncle who was gay – took me to the Canyon Club – up a windy road above Mailbu – it eventually became a dirt road – and this club was a huge room – bar with large dance floor – dykes and gay guys danced – and you were told that if you saw the red light flashing – it meant the cops were approaching in which case we were supposed to drop your male partner and grab the nearest dyke…..
well of course it happened – and though they could not find any “homosexuals” as we were dancing with members of the opposite sex – we were herded out and checked for ID…..
and the gay bars in town – were totally boarded up in the front and you entered through the back door ….
the First Gay Pride Parade I witnessed from the roof of what was the Rexall Drugstore on the corner of San Vicente and Santa Monica – and this was before West Hollywood – the city existed – there were police EVERYWHERE – as they thought we would go crazy and smash n set fire to businesses on the route – police helicopters were flying everywhere – well of course it turned out peaceful – though of course the parade was full of the gay ones that the media loved to broadcast across the country – the bears in leather chaps with their nude  asses hanging out…..the drag queens….but hey that is part of the gay heritage…..
there really are NO totally gay bars anymore – as the straight women found out it was the best place to hang out without being hit upon by straight men..frankly to relax and be themselves – and appreciated by the gay guys…….and of course the straight men have realized it and have followed them – so you will find couples with their strollers and kids now – which I must say is neat – as I love it….. times have changed so wonderfully…..from those days in the 60’s…
and the reason I started this blog – was on the advice of my nephews gorgeous wife who is Catalan (sp?)  – you would adore her – maybe not as you are from a different region in Spain – but she thought it was just a good place to keep my  ridiculous ruminations – she has one about her 2 twin boys that is quite wonderful –
funny but the more I think about it – she is totally like you – a very dry sense of humor that hits you totally unprepared – totally frugal like you – but like you at the end of the day one of the most wonderful persons one could encounter!!!!
got to save up my euros to come over  and scare you!!!!

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