What Do You Think About Your Breasts?????

July 5, 2009

(this is a post from last night that seems to have gone POOF..)

I was just reading an article in The New Yorker about Nora Ephron who directed the soon to appear movie “Julie and Julia” (Julia Child played by Meryl Streep) and a blogger Julie Powell’s book about cooking all the recipes she found in Juila’s “Mastering The Art Of French Cooking” – to become someone that her friends recognized as having something to herself other than the boring person she thought she was..

In this article they said Nora wrote an essay called “A Few Words About Breasts”….”if I had them, I would have been a completely different person”….Harry might never have met Sally …”Sleepless in Seattle” might mean nothing but Northwestern insomnia”

I just remembr that I had always felt I was the Ugly Duckling …as I had NO  CHEST like my Dad’s…was the skinny guy in the comics that guys with ripplin abs would  kick sand into my face as I lay on the beach…

I secretly subscribed to the body builder mag “Charles Atlas” – it came in a plain brown wrapper like porno comes in – (don’t kno why I say that as I have never needed to subscribe to that)….but it was a straight on body building rag….

fell in love with the English movie “Wee Geordie” (in the 50’s) about how a puny guy built his body up and became the object of all the girls affections…

My sister suffered from the reverse of me – as she turned out QUITE endowed…n hated it….it is funny – but she taught me the breast/chest exercize ….where you ball up your fist and push it into the palm of your other one….. n push them against each other……

– sure worked for her…but (sigh) not for this gay guy…..

I just wonder if things had been different …if my sis had been flat chested…and I had been ripped…would we have become as successful as Nora who hates to do her own hair…is petite and gorgeous – 68 – was  married to Carl Bernstein – yes THAT Bernstein –  the divorce was HELL –

she has been married now to Nick Pileggi – for  some 26 years they have known each other….but then again Nora’s parents were alcoholics and her mother died of cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 57…and her father was in and out of mental hospitals and attempted suicide…..

our parents were TOTALLY IN LOVE with each other…or so I thought until his death…and asked Mom at the Dakota Jazz Club….if she would have ever divorced Dad….she did not bat an eyelash …Yes I would have…had it been socially acceptable back then…but Robby I am soo glad I stayed in for the long haul as your father taught me SOOO MUCH!!!!!

my sister tits seem smaller now -don’t know if it is due to age or lack of those FABULOUS STEEL BRAS they wore back then….that Madonna took out of rehab many years ago….

my chest is the same….well not quite…as I was quite hot…when I look at a picture taken when I lay partially nude on the floor of this straight (?)  couple I had a 3 way with many many years ago..in Texas……she lay in the middle of the bed and would say – HEY BOYS – if ANYONE gets fucked tonight it is ME…OK????

Loved em both n still do…..

It is not your breasts or chest that matters – it is your being able to love yourself n to say the Hell with the rest of em…….

N success is not monetary or physical –

it is a state of Mind that ONLY YOU can CREATE….

As  we ALL are UNIQUELY WONDERFUL…so just LOVE yourself!!!!!

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