What was your most memorable Summer…?

July 5, 2009

For me I guess it is based on pre-puberty or after…

Pre-Puberty – was a weekend when my grandparents drove me up through these winding “highways” from St Paul MN ….in their 50’s Caddie…to a small town in Northern Wisconsin – Cable – to motor on half an hour outside it to Beautiful Lake Namekagon – we stayed in a cabin at “The Bobynn” resort  (where Al Capone supposedly came up to to hang out with his men with Bob – the owner)..

(back then it was just the wonderful basics – not like a “resort” today would be”) – my grands back then seemed so old compared to today’s grandparents as they LOOKED old and acted OLD….but I loved em to bits!!!! and LOVED their Caddie…as my father always had the cheapest most basic of cars – no AC – no back up lights – no side mirrors – as back then they were “extras” ..mother would drive into many a ditch at night – cussin under her breath…..

We ate in the dining room – that looked out across the lake as the sun set – homemade sweet pickles in jars on the table – the local Mobil  gas station owner Randy – well his wife with her grey hair was our waitress – she was missing a hand – it was kind of spooky for a kid like me to see someone carry all these plates on her arm – but to NOT have a hand attached to it….I always wondered what had happened – but she was as sweet as their homemade (well back then EVERYTHING was homemade) blueberry pie – after a fabulous dinner of homemade Fried Chicken – MAN was it good!!!!!

My Grandfather NEVER talked much -even after his 2 bourbons – but my grand ma was a regular chatterbox – just as comfortable as your favorite pillow would be….she spoiled me –

years later when I went to college at Carleton – in Northfield Minn – I would often go up to see them in St Paul – and out of her allowance that her husband gave her – she would buy less expensive cuts of meat for “Paetz” – so she could slip me some cash…..I loved her so much….

AND then the Post-Puberty memorable Summer – was  when I went sailing with a school friend – up off of Cape Cod – and as  we entered the harbor – there was a sail boat with a couple of guys and girls that pulled in  at the same time we did…

well there was this KNOCK OUT VOLUPTUOUS Dirty  Blonde Girl with a yellow slicker on – (and yes this was BEFORE I realized I was gay)….but MAN was she hot!!!!!

our eyes cut through each other and we connected….and after we landed – I asked her….. her name -( something I TODAY am AMAZED I had  the balls to do as I am painfully shy)……and asked her if I could take her out the next evening… her name was Molly Houston….she said sure…..and said I live up there –

(and I will NEVER forget the most popular song at the time – was by the Lettermen – “When I Fall In Love”…..hearing that song tonight took me IMMEDIATELY back…..I could feel the excitement – smell Molly ……(sigh))

pointing to this mansion (totally alone) on the cliff overlooking the harbor….

the next eve I borrowed my friend Kenny’s father benz to go up and pick her up…well – I was nervous as shit as this house was TRULY a New England mansion – up this long long driveway – that curved here and there before you were THERE… the house was surrounded by a white deck….under the eaves of the house…..I nervously rang the bell – and after what seemed an hour – a white gloved butler opened the door….

I was led in – there was a swooping staircase that went up 2 stories like something out of Gone With The Wind – her mother came out of one of the Living Rooms to the left – tapping her cane – (she had had polio as a child)….I was scared to death of wealth…..but I noticed on the deck off the Living Room she had a telescope that was angled down at the harbor – so she could watch Molly…

about 15 minutes later Molly came bouncing down the staircase…..dressed in something white and summery –

I don’t remember much more than that it was one of the FIRST loves I had…(well Rhea Topping whose father owned the baseball team The Senators who drove us in his limo onto the field to walk up to his box….she actually was my first wild crush)…..

but Molly was soo special – I had her down with her parents to our weekend house in Blue Ridge Summit (shit I lived a “priviledged life”)….to meet my parents…Mom of COURSE LOVED them as – well go figure – they had what a normal mother would like to see her son with…..

and we dated longdistance for like a year – until I guess my gayness perked its head up…when she came down to my Senior Prom at St Albans – with her parents as chaperones

(At St Albans I was basically a “loser” – not a jock – which well after going from 4th grade to the 12th in a class of only 50 boys is like Hell – as I was laughed at and rolled downstairs in a trash can by Henry Murray – kicked in the balls daily by Eddie Stowe  and his goons at recess – cuz I was “too nice” – and since I did not weigh enough in the Fourth Grade I could not get on the Football team -was assigned to Troop 19 – the misfits )

anyway when Gorgeous – Voluptuous Molly appeared on my arm at the Senior Prom – all the jocks were speechless…..

but as I said my early gayness came out – I was SHOCKED – at the color of the formal dress she was wearing – it was that green that use to exist in hospitals when I had my tonsils out in the 50’s ….sort of a limey Army AWFUL green –

WELL that ended the relationship……

at times I think back and wish I had been STRAIGHT!!! as I might be sitting now on that deck with Molly – looking through the telescope at our grandkids in the sailboats below…..

but I REALLY am happy living a – well what do you call it – I am not financially rich – but at the end of the day my wealth  comes from friends…..and strangers I encoutner like today – at the play “Oleanna” – this gorgeous Black Girl sat next to me with her boring (well I have no right to say that) White boyfriend….she was wearing this gorgeous silver bracelet – flat pieces laid out in an irregular pattern – I noticed it and commented on it – she with this Serena Williams grin said – Oh my sister gave me this many years ago – and also this…she pulled back her gorgeous hair to reveal an identical necklace…

she said it is funny but so many men comment on my bracelet – and I said well OK – but I am GAY – and I love your outfit – she broke into uncontrollable laughter – which she tried to muffle with her hand…..

All of my summers HAVE BEEN MEMORABLE…..I just have to push this shy body out the door – as I never REGRET it!!!!!!

(sigh) wonder where Molly is now…….

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