Memories of Forest Lodge

July 12, 2009

How ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL Laura that you are bringing your guitar to Forest Lodge….as one of my closet friends would say will be a “Fallling Leaves” experience ……

we will have to light the fire at West Point…..

will take me back to that period that I grew up in – when Daidie played the guitar…..when our car had no backup lights – and no side view mirrors or any AC… Twitter….back when we had no electricity -no telephones ……

just kerosene lamps – and originally, a refrigerator which only took ice blocks that were stored in the ice house…a wonderfully cool wooden building that was built purely for ice that was cut out of the lake the winter before – buried beneath sawdust…..

and we would sit around the fire pit outside of the “Guest House” ….. on Burgundy Point…..Connie Dillingham who was a Christian
Scientist (they do not drink)….would notice Dad having a hard time lighting the fire…and would take his bottle of bourbon and pour it on the logs as he was lighting a match…and the FIRE would jump up – and envelope the logs…..

and speaking of families – was with 6 of my closest gay friends.. tonight for a b-day party…..and talking to Angel who is Mexican – and we were talking about his lover Dave – who is an Anglo – and he said …you know Robby – Mexican families CARE and TAKE CARE of their people – compared to you guys…and I said I know…..he said you all run away from each other trying to shift the blame…when someone gets old or ill…….whereas with us…HEY we are FAMILY….we always take care of our family…..

It is TRUE…and that is why years ago I took out a Long Term Life Insurance Policy as I ..well lets face it …do NOT want to be a burden on anyone……

I think it is sooo wonderful though Laura to introduce your gorgeous twin boys to Forest Lodge …as well all of us Mattesons …have spent EVERY summer of our life there….it is one of those dreams that will disappear when Aunt Mimi dies….well will only die physically…as we all carry soo many different memories on…..

one of my fondest memories was when Dad bought an inner tube that had a small sail on it…I must have been like 4 or 5 – and I felt I was in command of my own sailboat….and for several young years could not wait to get to Burgundy Point every summer to be able to sail my own sail boat ….

the wonderful thing Laura about you and OHH – is being able to instill in your children a VERY basic feeling in Life that you rarely see today in our fast computerized iPhone life…..

the love for the – fundamental – Essences of LIFE…..

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