July 17, 2009

I don’t know about you – but sometimes I get feeling LOW ….

have not rented out my spare room yet…which I HAVE to rent out for property taxes and insurance….

so I have been getting quite upset with myself…and feeling quite low….

until I read an article in the London Times…talking about Jamie Neale who survived 12 days in the Bush of Australia…..they went on to talk about Survival…. ……

n quoting from the article …

“Fear is a great motivator,” Hall says. “But it’s when fear turns into panic that people die.” He says that however hopeless the situation appears, your chances for survival are increased by maintaining a state of pragmatic optimism. “You have to hope, but only in the context of hope supported by a plan to achieve something. Keep your mind ticking over, putting it all together.”

Sherwood says: “My thesis is that survival is a mindset, it’s a lens, it’s an outlook. Most of all it’s a muscle that you can exercise and build with awareness and constant learning and a ‘deliberate calm’, which is how pilots describe what you are supposed to do in a crisis.”

I was hit in the face about HOW unrealistic I have been with my attitude ….

COME ON ROB….believe in the Essence of Life …in yourself……

breathe in….and slowly breathe out and JUST FOCUS..get into that state of “deliberate calm” if you can

..YOU CAN CHANGE yourself…..and yes within a fingersnap if you change your mindset – you can SURVIVE ANYTHING…..

even tied to a stake in the desert being eaten alive by hungry Red Ants – if you have a Positive Mind set…and BELIEVE…… it will START to rain….and the ants will be washed away….(stop laughing – you haven’t been on the canoe trips my Dad included family members on – HE ALWAYS KNEW – HE WAS CALLED HAWKEYE – we crossed the North American Continent by canoe)

My mother and I use to talk about how if we lost EVERYTHING – we would live in cardboard boxes under the freeway – and our WEALTH would be our sense of humor…..which is one of the richest things one can possess….

it might SEEM IMPOSSIBLE….but if you switch your mindset …YOU CAN ACHIEVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Can’t wait to see you all at Forest Lodge for the Last Dance there….(sigh!!!!)…Teo n Finn get to light the fire this time….


and here is that article:

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