The Absinthe Drinker

July 19, 2009

I don’t know if you have eaten in a restaurant – alone – where across from you is a mirror – and you look up and see yourself across the room….

well when you pass 60 without botox or plastic surgery – it can be kind of unsettling……

as until tonight I have never had that experience….went to my new fave Thai restaurant – Galanga – which is just a 3 block stroll from my pad…

the place was half full – and they seated me in the corner – have always loved corners – from urinals to seats – don’t know why…must be some deep psychological reason…that I don’t want to know about…..

I looked up from my New Yorker – and was shocked to see me looking back at myself – (reminded me of Degas’ Absinthe Drinker)

– my face has turned into what Mom’s did – a very lined – wrinkled Apple Annie face – but at least she had TONS of hair….mine is kind of sparse – and with my Vitalago – (Michael Jackson) that I acquired after Jimbo was murdered in our apt – I have a blaze of white hair in the back – that I fortunately do NOT see every day….

it is funny but when we are 16 we are totally unhappy with our pictures…well hell wait to you get to become a tad older……

Before I left for dinner I had an email from a guy who is interested in renting out my spare room – he is from Colombia (which makes me IMMEDIATELY think of the drug cartels)…. and is going to the Institute of Music in Hollywood –

he came over – is 25 -I noticed a tat on his arm and he said ohh that he was covered in tats –

I know beggars cannot be choosey – but sort of hope he does not like the place…as I envision the people he will have over (but then again many times I have been wrong).

– he gets a monthly allowance from the hotels his family owns in Colombia – his father is an attorney in DC…..

since he is here on a Student Visa – if he (hopefully not) likes the joint – am going to ask his father sign for the credit report…..

n if you don’t hear for me for several weeks – well the drug cartel did me in….

oh skins go see the movie (The Hurt Locker)…not a chick flic…so don’t take your wife….but it reminded me of you

2 Responses to “The Absinthe Drinker”

  1. Joel said

    Age happens to us all Matty!!! Your still wonderful xx

  2. StillLife said

    Next time, before you look into the mirror, have a glass of absinthe. The reflection you see will be entirely different………

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