WEALTH – do you have it or not……

August 1, 2009

I was rubbin a……

1999 Quarter for no particular reason….
one side is rough – the other side is smoother –
which made me realize I frankly never thought  about what a quarter felt like  between my fingers – until today……..
which made me think about “wealth” –
n I realize my wealth comes from the simplest things – like today at the movie theatre when I went to see what I thought would be an  awful movie as it got such bad reviews – “Orphan” –
I love a fast paced thriller – where the tree house the kids have is ALWAYS set on fire and they are trapped in it –
the Hispanic ticket  girl said when I asked for a Senior Ticket…she said “u are older thn 60???”…..as u do not look it”
….I said well u have started my day right…but yes I m breathin a few years beyond that milestone……
n then I went to my usual inexpensive Greek restaurant – and I m grow’n back my stache
– n Tina – a waitress who always kisses me on both cheeks as I do her – in the European style…..said Mr Robert I LIKE IT!!!!!!
n then later I emailed my favorite jazz singer – but had trouble with the different sites to reserve a space.. – she is getting an award on September…..20th…..and is also doing a big bash – for”all LA musicians turning 60….on Sept 12 here at the John Anson Ford Theatre….
she knows me as “Uncle Rob” …thanks to my  neph Elliott –
she is one of those special women – who just works her ass off non-stop…..I mean she is in Scotland or New York or  Santa Monica …
I honestly don’t know her personally that well  – but somehow feel I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN her….as I KNOW she would let me sleep on her floor if worse came to worse…which ain’t goin 2 happn…..
my wealth is not the quarter I was rubbin – it is people like Barbara – Tina at Ulysses – it is everyone that receives this ….at times we can be soo hard on ourselves….
so just LOVE yourself as THAT is WHERE your WEALTH IS!!!

3 Responses to “WEALTH – do you have it or not……”

  1. Samy said

    Rob, loved this – full of insight and wisdom, as usual… I can picture you moving through LA, doing all of these things, living and loving your life, and then taking the time to reflect upon it… Beautiful… And, wow, I gotta see your new look – I’ve only seen your stache in pictures… p.s. I liked Orphan, too – what’s wrong with these reviewers…?? 😉 P.E.A.C.E. bro…

  2. Leslie said

    Aaaahhh yes … even when someone tells you (me), “I don’t need you anymore, I am rich now.” That kind of wealth is just sad … not rich. I am blessed to be “needed” and wanted … it is reciprical, by all those I share my life. Now, that is where I get my wealth! Much love, Les

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