BON APPETIT…or not????

August 8, 2009

I went and saw “Julia and Julie” or is it “Julie and Julia”… an assigned seated theatre (The Arclight)….

when I went online at 6 AM the only seats available in the row I wanted for the 2:15 showing were like 5 seats IN from the aisle – which I HATE – as I do not liked to be hemmed in – I like the ability to escape if I HATE the movie…

well who should come and sit next me to but the WHITEST FATTEST MAN in Southern California with a KNAPSACK – full of food – accompanied by his elderly VERY FAT mother –

who had to sit on the first step for 10 minutes – before she could get up the energy to walk up the second step to the row I was SQUEEZED in…next to Fatty……

who was rummaging through his bag looking for I guess sugar for his VERY FAT MUM…..there was GREAT discussion about who should sit where …(I’m trying to read my New Yorker – but couldn’t concentrate….n thought of just getting up and leaving the show and going next week)…..

Finally smelly FAT MUM got OBESE SON to move -( I truly think he was mentally challenged ) ….and she sat right NEXT to me…..

I think it was a combination of SMELLY FATTY MUM —who was throughtout the movie searching through OBESE SON’s knapsack looking for the noisiest wrapped candy, and commenting NONSTOP to OBESE SON on every thing happening on the screen

– and the fact that EVERYONE has RAVED the fuckin Hell out of this movie….that I was kind of upset….

BUT I TOTALLY LOVED Meryl and Stanley –

SHE just always blows me away by her being just naturally able to take on a persona…she n Nora Ephron did a fab interview with Charlie Rose this week

….she reminds me of my sisters….Susi n both Laura’s …I feel I have ALWAYS known her…

but I guess due to FATTY MUM’S farting occasionally (think they should have a theatre for the elderly who have physical challenges in this city)….

but as I was sayn due to Fatty Mum I just could not get up any love or sympathy for Julie (Amy Adams ??)….

the MAIN thing that did hit me – was how POSITIVE Julia Childs was….

how MUCH she and her husband loved each other –

how with all the REAL butter she ate in her sauces – she lived to be 92 – or was it 94 – as he lived to be the other one of those ages….

BUT she ALWAYS took what could be a negative and made it a POSITIVE……

which is my metaphysical religion’s philosophy – but I was NOT obviously practicing it today with FATTY MUM or OBESE SON – – then I thought – well maybe I should have had several glasses of wine a la Julia – n I would have practiced it more with FM and OS….

this all made me think of what one of my favorite friends – Doris –

said last night – (she is the wife of the wonderful chef Jim Terry – they are somewhere in their 80’s – she was Uncle Sumner’s favorite girlfriend – )

she said there was this party out here years ago that Sumner threw for my parents – and Bob (my father)…asked her if “Science Of Mind” (my metaphysical religion) was a cult….and she just laughed and said “Bob it is the Farthest from a cult – as you are from sleeping with Richard Nixon”

I love her to bits – but what brought it on was talking about my youngest bro (Sumner IV) – and his new baby Sumner V – and how for an awful period of time Dad treated him like shit for his religious beliefs….which was a nightmare period…as Dad convinced my mother that their religion was a cult…and to WATCH out for them……as the bogey man might come n get her…..

no wonder she supposedly became an alcoholic – I say supposedly – as she NEVER enjoyed liquor like Uncle Sumner and I did (we could go out to brunch and it would go onto dinner and then all of a sudden it would be 2AM and the bar would be closin – I was like in my 20’s back then….this is in the 70’s – it was the first time in my life that I was TRULY HAPPY………)

there was this one LONGGG Sunday brunch that went from noon to 2 AM – n Sumner just KNEW EVERYONE – we were at the Garden District – a restaurant/bar he owned part of …with Nicky Nichols – an American Native… was a Gay Rest n bar –

well Uncle Sumner was a fabulous raconteur – every time he told a story – like his experiences in the Navy – well the stories just got better – and you would want him to retell the story – like a week later as you KNEW it would be MORE embellished -and he had this infectious laugh – as he told a story – that made everyone laugh and happy… Julia did

anyway – this one LONGGG Sunday brunch we stumbled out of the Garden District …talking and laughing nonstop like we had not seen each other for the last 14 hours….well he was on his cane….n I was on the street side of him….as I was always told with elders especially women that was PC – well he tripped…n fell on top of me – n we went crashing into the gutter ….where we were laughing so hard we could not get up….he had hit is nose and I had grazed my forehead…and it must have been summer as I was wearing white pants…but we were bleeding profusely

..well we got each other up …n hobbled back to the VERY locked Garden District…we banged on the door ….Juan- the busboy at the time – finally opened it and well his mouth just dropped to the floor… the sight of bloody us…..he cleaned us up …poured us another drink…and around 3 we left successfully…..

LIFE is DEFINITELY Bon Appetit – it is one’s attitude that Creates it!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “BON APPETIT…or not????”

  1. your sis said

    Robby – You’re like Proust! The very scent of madalines (sp?) or taste – bring back a flood of memories – pages and pages of exquisite detail! I love the blog format and love the pic at top. And love YOU! xxd

  2. Leslie said

    Bon apetit to life, especially when brunch turns to dinner until 2 am … and everyone is laughing their asses off. Often happens with my friends in Hong Kong … not sure why we don’t do it here.


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