Silver Threads n Golden Needles

August 14, 2009

My home owners policy insurance policy is up for renewal ..and Farmer’s – which I have had for over 10 years on this joint – raised their price 220 above last year which made me go online to check out others – especially to see WHAT “Consumers Report” felt about home owners and auto as my auto is up also…..

well I was kind of shocked that Consumers Report listed Farmer’s down at the bottom in both homeowners with GEICO (my current auto) – and listed a company I had never heard of called “Amica” at the top – as far as handling claims…..paying what u are owed….customer satisfaction…..

so I called ..Amica ….and got this wonderful gal “Lynette” – who was ever so helpful – as frankly I DID NOT KNOW what the difference was between “Personal Property” and “Dwellling”…..she basically said …(she had a southern accent) – …”If you shook your townhouse – everything that falls out or down is considered “Personal” – whereas “Dwelling” would be your attached cabinets, your built in stove, your built in dish washer….your carpet …your drywall …etc….but not your computer or tvs or frig…..

I was like AMAZED…as Farmers had NEVER told me this and I had zero under “Dwelling” – as I thought that pertained to the structure…that is supposedly covered under my HOA…..

and price wise AMICA might be a tad more…well maybe not…as with Farmer’s I NEVER had “Dwelling” coverage…and ALSO AMICA offers Earthquake Insurance …rather than having to go through CEA – California Earthquake Association – a state run thing that gives you NADA – especially for “loss of use”…$15,000 is the top they go for “loss of use” …which is ridiculous….

anyway am sooo glad to have been able to access the “NET” to see what Consumers Report recommended…

which made me think of the fact that I am a pre-Internet baby….and I LOVE the Pre – and the Apres period….to me LIFE just gets more n more fascinating …..

I was born back when “back-up” lights on a car were “extras” – which Dad would NOT pay for – forget AC as it didn’t exist – and forget an FM radio – much less CD players… grandparents on my mom’s side had “electric” windows which was an option DAD would NEVER pay for….

so as Mom drove us all 5 kids (Dad working for CIA flew on later) – with dog George – and 2 cats Charcoal and Pillow – looking like the Joads during the Great Depression with tons of luggage strapped ontop under a canvas tarp……..from DC to our Summer place at Cable Wisconsin….there were a couple of times she backed up into ditches – and swore – like “Gosh Darn” –

she NEVER had been introduced to the F word as I am sure she WOULD have used it..

(as she had no idea what masturbation was when I asked her at the age of 76…she just said “oh shoot…how I wish I HAD known”….
she thought a nano second and winked at me at the Dakota Jazz Club – under one of her wonderful hats and said …”you know Robby …NOTHING is ever TOO LATE!!!!”)

…which of course made my mouth.drop .with my unflitered Lucky Strike cig ..hangin off my loose lips .. to the floor and order another Summit Pale Ale….. it looked like it was going to be a LONNNGGG nite……as I did not want to drive her back through the snowing night to have those thoughts in my mind as I bedded myself

…there was one time during rush hour on the freeway next to Chicago – and this must have been like very early 60’s – that the tarp on the top got loose…and started to flap…it was rush hour….and one of the suitcases went flying out onto the freeway…..Mom saw it in her rear view mirror – well I take that back also as she did not have one as it was an “option”….she must have felt it …she pulled to the side and told ME to go out and get it……which I did..dodging cars like a bullfighter on speed…..I guess today I could sue her for “child” endangerment….which never would now or then pass through my mind….

This all brings me back to Lynette at AMICA….who after talking for 20 minutes was working on my auto policy -n she said well n what is your age of birth…so I told her…she said WOW – you don’t sound that Old…n then apologized….as she had automatically said that…n I said No Problem….I feel ageless …..until I pass a mirror……

which made me think of a man Charlie Rose interviewed this week: Elon Musk…in his …..late 20’s or early 30’s …..

a person Mom would TOTALLY LOVE – a BRILLIANT MAN – he created “PayPal” – n sold it to Ebay…was born in (I think) S. Africa – studied Rocket Science and Physics in college –

his focus is on 1) Internet 2) Sustainable Energy 3) Space Exploration …his company …Tesla…has developed a car that is like 90% electrically efficient – and his “Roadster” goes from zero to 69 in 3.5 seconds – which is faster than a Lamborghini…..

have a feeln that my neph Elll might know him …n then again Ohhh and his gorgeous wife Laura might know he and his wife as his first set of kids were twins n then his next set were triplets….(sigh…ALL those Nappies!!!)…. a totally BRILLIANT MAN…..

whom I admire…

but way beyond my Thread n Needles –

a song made popular by the Springfields, Janis Joplin, Linda Ronstadt, n the Grateful Dead…..

which I thought for a minute was the song that my sister Daidie and her husband David sang to me

(yeah I have a crazy family)

as I boarded my train to leave St Paul to go out and work laying quarter mile section of ribbon rail ….(I got to hammer the spikes into the plates that the auto machine missed)…… with the crew of 120 men that did not bathe too well on the Great Northern Railroad in North Dakota near the Canadian border….

but Daidie told me tonight it was “Hey Mr Tambourine Man” .(Bob Dylan) …that she and David danced to as my train pulled out……….

which brought me back to the two of them dancing on the train platform…..singin Hey Mr Tambourine Man ..

I CAN see it so VISUALLY as if it happened yesterday…(sigh!!!)

LIFE is SOO BEAUTIFULLY WHAT you (and I) make of it!!!!

(I’ll try to write something blacker next week – maybe like when your sis’s favorite pet Toad is sucked down and caught in a Live Garbage disposal…as your old Great Aunt Claire switched the switch unknowingly …and screams in horror as blood is spayed all over her face……)

JUST always keep the fire lit and the dance goin…….

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