Get OUT there and TANGO Tonight!!!!!

August 23, 2009

Tonight I took a Trader Joe’s Italian Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio up to my favorite Thai, hole in the wall, restaurant to see my favorite – just natural – kind – wonderful people – who cook MY kind of FOOD……simple .no frills .. sooo delicious!!!!!

There was a moment….when I was reading the New York Magazine… article how Annie Leibovitz – the TOP photographer of my Generation – who was in a close relationship (like married but NOT as gay people cannot) with the wonderful Susan Sontag……who died from cancer….Annie has several children….but the shocking thing to me is that she is 24 million dollars in debt…and they are foreclosing on her – if she does not pay by September…..

the couple next to me were soo handsome – I thought they must be movie stars…which they might be…(nothing like 20 something taut skin) …..she was talkn about problems with her brother – and that he would leave their flat soon…he was talkn about a friend of his in prison – whether to pay the bail or not…….(he had wonderful shoulder length dreads)

but as I was eating my Thai chicken lettuce wrap…..and reading this article…..there was this Tranquility that descended and warmly enveloped me…like the soothing waters of Lake Namekagon on a moonlit night… I swam out from the quiet Boat House……toward Champagne Island….

I cannot explain it – I just All of A Sudden felt VERY HAPPY ……

My waiter whom I have known for months – but never known his name…well I finally asked. is Sean…which after he left the table I thought quite odd for a Thai….but maybe his father is Irish…..

I thought of last night –

I went with one of my FAVORITE persons in the World……to see an old movie – the 50th anniversary screening in Beverly Hills of “Imitation Of Life” that the Academy and Motion Picture Arts was presenting…..done obviously in 1959 when I was 13….it was a movie that Juanita Moore, Susan Kohner (who both talked about it after the show), Mahalia Jackson, Lana Turner, John Gavin, Sandra Dee, Troy Donahue…..all were in

I was gob smacked at how it was basically such a true feeling of the time by what I would hope the majority of white people’s attitude toward people of color

..but at the age of 13 I was totally living in a WHITE cloud ….locked away – by some barrier created by white Colonialists Centuries before I came into the world….

I FELT SUCH GUILT BEING WHITE….- watchn the movie with my friend….who has seen the movie many a time…..I can understand what the history books say…but I CANNOT UNDERSTAND how certain humans treat other humans….it is something I WILL NEVER KNOW in LIFE…….yes I know it is ignorance…but it makes no sense ……as these ignorant people treat their dogs better….

as the movie faded ….Juanita Moore – (looking QUITE elegant) …and Susan Kohner came out to discuss the film with one of Susan’s sons…….

I SOOO WANT TO KNOW JUANITA……she just has this warm soft voice ….who has SOO MANY STORIES to tell – would love to curl up at her feet and listen to her just talk stories as my Miss Alice did years ago when I came home from school and raced down to see her as she ironed Dad’s endless white shirts………(sigh!!)

Juanita credited her getting the role to the producer Ross Hunter (whom I met back in the 70’s) as he was a good friend of my first lover Paul Millard (Paul just knew everyone)…but Juanita said Ross saw something “special” in her eyes…….n I know what she means…..

she said that the director Douglas Sirk – who was born on April 26, 1900 in Germany to Danish parents – raised in Denmark – n later moved to Germany as a teenager – but left in 1937 for the US as he was married to a Jew –

she said that he had NO IDEA – what the Black experience in the US had been…so she would talk …and though she was born in LA …it was her mother that told her what life was like in the South those awful awful years ago……so she basically told Sirk her stories every morning….before they filmed……..

Douglas Sirk’s films were considered unimportant at the time cuz they revolved around women’s issues……

today they are looked at as masterpieces of irony as they REALLY criticized American society at the time…

Roger Ebert – the film critic – said “To appreciate a film like “Written On The Wind” probably takes more sophistication than to understand one of Ingmar Bergman’s masterpieces, because Bergman’s themes are visible and underlined, while with Sirk…the style conceals the message…”

As the lights went up – Michelle and I left…and we mozzied (sp?) up to Kate Mantalini’s to get a booth in the share the feelings of the night………….n REALLY for me to hear her stories…..(why I wonder is it USUALLY women of color that share these marvelous – wellsometime heartwrenchin awful …tales ?????? )

I mean mother never really did nor did my grand…but my gay uncle sure DID – he was a great raconteur – every time he told a story it just got better – as he would embellish it……

Michelle – you have heard about before – she is the one – like from Greek Mythology – cursed to tell the TRUTH ALWAYS ….I don’t think it is a curse…well not for me as at least I know she HAS TO give me her HONEST feeling about anything in LIFE…..but these TRUTHS fall out of her mouth like pearls of WISDOM

…and I am SERIOUS!!!! she CANNOT PREVENT it…..just ask her sons or her boss……or her friends …..I mean if you have BAD breath she will tell you VERY DIPLOMATICALLY….like WHY PUT YOUR HUSBAND through this as you are spoonin……………

Love her to bits!!!

I saw a BBC news bit about Argentina …the home of the Tango…and though they are going through a SEVERE economic recession

– people get together to enjoy the ROMANCE of THAT dance……

and at the time I was reading an article in the London Times (why I get most of my info from London I guess is because I LOVE the city)….but it said that people like Jack Nicholson – and younger (HA!) people like me who will NOT GIVE UP the period we came from – the 60’s and 70’s ..well rather than called “Ravers” as kids attending a Rave are …we are called “GRAVERS”

and all I can say to those young twittering people….FUCK YOU…AS WE AINT LEAVING THE DANCE FLOOR!!!!!

BBC ended this bit by saying:

“No One CAN EVER Take Away From You…WHAT you HAVE DANCED!!!!”

One Response to “Get OUT there and TANGO Tonight!!!!!”

  1. your sis said

    R – I love reading these! They are emotionally uplifting/resonant – at the same time wonderful windows into various cultural phenomena. hope people outside your immediates find it. xx d

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