Women Are Like A Fine Martini…whether you shake em or stir em..THEY just ALWAYS turn out so Smoothly WONDERFUL!!!

September 6, 2009

You Women ….Have been on my mind SOO STRONGLY this week..as I keep dreamin and hearing the nonstop rattle of the cattle cars that groaned as they took families…the women and the children to Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Austria – that my father took us to after WWII ..as he was one of the “Liberators” …

I saw “Inglorious Basterds” last week…which I hated ….as well I just don’t like to see Jews scalping German – “Nazi’s”

I think a lot of the young kids who were “Nazis” back then just followed their Father who followed their leader….. frankly unaware of what was happening to the Jewish people, Homosexuals, and Gypsies……and I guess Blacks…though I really have not heard any stories of what the Black people went through….I mean I cannot believe there were NO blacks in Germany at the time…..

I was chatting with my new roommate – who will be here for 2 plus months – he is Indian and 23 – a wonderful chap – we were at my fave local pub “The Village Idiot”…..neither his father nor his mother speak English….he has a younger sister who is 21….and of course I was asking him about his family….his life and his dreams…

His father owns a Road Paving Company in India…but works his ass off like 12 hour days 6 days a week….

I asked Ankit if his parents would choose his bride…he said most likely….as they would most definitely choose a husband for his sister….unless he falls madly in love with some one over here – and if she is not Indian it is something his parents will NEVER accept…

I said to him Well you realize when Your kids are born….it will be a totally different matter ….he said he was aware of that….

He has been living in Ohio until like yesterday – n found me on Craigs List – (thank god for Indians and Craig’s List)…..but his father called him in June and told him he had to come home as his uncle died….I said your Father’s Brother???? he said well of course…

I said in your family is it that no one cares about your mother’s relatives….he said well India is a VERY male dominated society so my mother’s relatives are like second……

and then I asked well who(m?) do you talk to more…..your mother or your father…he said well definitely my Mother…we talk daily…I might talk to my father once a week at the most……

(sigh) women are second place …BUT the most important contact one has in Life until you get married……

A very Happy Birthday to Margaret Brelje (who is a dear friend and saw my parents through to the ends of their lives)…

and to the Gorgeous – Never Stop Working – Barbara Morrison – who’s bday party I am attending next Saturday…she is turnin the big 60 and is thrown a jazz party at the J H Ford Theatre here in LA…with some of her friends performin

both of these women have made a deep IMPRESSION on my Life…..as well – like almost ALL women in my LIFE…. they deeply C.A.R.E.

sounds corny…but men where would YOU be without your lover, mother, sister…….??????

So guys just care MORE about the females in your Life!!!!


One Response to “Women Are Like A Fine Martini…whether you shake em or stir em..THEY just ALWAYS turn out so Smoothly WONDERFUL!!!”

  1. leslie said

    And where would we, women, be without all the lovely men in our lives! I love MEN! And you are one of them!

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