Are You an Idiot????

September 12, 2009

How often do you sit between Idiocy and Brilliance????

AND How DO you react …..

….matters, depending on the age of your mind…your essence….the chapters in your Life …that you have gone through….

in your teens it might be annoying…

in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc…. you just might sigh non-expressively ….. and accept it…..

A BRILLIANT person can be very annoying when you are younger…as you have no concept of where they are coming from as they might not try to relate to you…..but IF they do it is like WOW!!!

Idiots – are comfortable to be with …but they might be like the person of years past…..the King’s Jester…who was wiser than the king but not as wealthy …..and your young self only wants to associate with “wealthy” people…….

So an “Idiot” can be brilliantly poor and worth more than a “Brilliant” Wealthy person who is poorly insensitive….

well dependin on how u look at LIFE!!!… we are all soo wonderfully different….

some odd ducks –

and some turkeys that cannot fly….

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