Gorgeous Barbara Morrison may I have the Next Dance????

September 12, 2009

Dearest Barbara…

I was TOTALLY BLOWN away by your Birthday Bash…..and Cannot Thank You Enough for being in my Life…what a Gift you nonstop keep giving us…..

Guys…I love going to an event where you really do not know what is going to happen…..Barbara held her 60th at the John Anson Ford Theatre – across from the Hollywood Bowl – it is a VERY intimate small outdoor theatre….

Barbara had about 40 friends performing – singing – tap dancing – reciting poetry…..playing every insturment but the kazoo ….and a swing group of about 20 couples in the background……

The theatre was totally packed – and you felt nothing but this electric love pulsating around you…..and the humor was – well it brought tears to your eyes as you felt guilty for enjoying LIFE soo much……

There was one point when the swing dancers were all on the main stage (there are like different levels to this theatre – where they could dance up behind the action)…

Barbara swept down…..and each male danced with her……it was truly quite moving…as Barbara has the ability to make these wonderful facial expressions that run the gamut of emotions from Surprise to Sexual Surrender………….

I went with my favorite friend – Michelle whose brother passed last night – and I told her we did not have to go….she said she would rather go hear wonderful music than be left with her thoughts…..

Michelle is a lot like Barbara – Giving to others – is so natural to both ladies…that your mouth drops open in awe…..I mean they CANNOT help it……it was just the way the good Lord made them……

I frankly never have had a better evening….it is one of those events …like the Frankie Manning Memorial that my nephew Elliott organized in New York last spring….

you just cannot EVER describe it ….YOU just HAD to have been THERE!!!!!

At the end of the day…..the richest possession one can have – is a love for Life and a deep sense of humor…..

Again Thank you Miss Barbara!!! I just want to come and sit at your feet and listen to your stories!!!!! as girl …someone with your depth must have bushels FULL!!!!

Love you!!!

Uncle Rob

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