The Mind Is A Terrible Thing

September 18, 2009

The mind is a terrible thing….

When I biked home from work I noticed Ankit’s (the wonderful Indian chap who rented my spare room) car in the exact same spot on the street – he parked it in last night….and this is 3:10 in the aft….well I thought he must be sick….but when I entered the house the AC wasn’t on – and it was hot and humid which I thought odd….as he had complained of the heat the other night when I thought the house was cold enough so I showed him where the control was….

and then I went up to my room and could see light under the crack of his door – which meant the shades were not drawn…..which he ALWAYS has drawn – it is usually like a cave in there….this led me to think he must have gone out last night and been kidnapped by gypsies – his fingers cut off and ….well you know how the mind is…

so I went out to water plants …which made my mind wander and think that all along he had rented the room to commit suicide in….which infuriated me and was going to ruin my birthday dinner at the Bel Air…..I thought that I would wait until I got back home before barging into his room to find his body in the jacuzzi tub with his veins slit …..I mean WHY ruin my evening….

I texted him…..

watered some more plants…..

no answer….hope he did not hang himself in the closet….as the mess would be hard to clean up….should have put marble floors in there…

maybe I should call my friend Michelle who always knows what to do….no she has shingles and this will just exacerbate them….will tell her Monday after the police have grilled me with VERY hot lights for 6 hours….locked me up for 24 hours…and let me out to a bail bondsman wearing a shiny old grey suit, who has orange lips and reeks of Garlic Cheeto’s

I called him – (he has an Ohio area code) – the phone was eventually answered by some sassy generic female saying I could push this and that if it was important or if I wanted more options…. I just left a message so that when the police checked his cell phone it would show how concerned I was about him – well I was….

went back to over watering the plants and decided to have a beer…then I thought the police would smell beer on my breath and probably drag me downtown for more questioning….

“….but I DIDN”T stuff his body in the wall”

well this was all just driving me CRAZY!!!!! I couldn’t call Michelle as it would give her more shingles…I couldn’t drink another beer as the police would think I was an alcoholic…..(no comment from the peanut gallery puhleeze)….I couldn’t go to the Bel Air and enjoy the evening knowing I would have to come home to a bloody body and being grilled by the police….

so I went and knocked on his door…..”Ankit are you OK”

no answer…

I knocked harder…”ANKIT ARE YOU OK??”

still no answer…


Finally I heard a moan….

20 seconds passed which seemed like 2 days…..

he came to the door…and said ….I got home early today….and was able to park in the same spot

One Response to “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing”

  1. Tom said

    the best short story I’ve read in years…

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