Rescue Me

September 19, 2009

My Day has been full of my favorite subject...WOMEN!!!!

I saw Jane Campion’s latest film “Bright Star” – about the fabulous English poet John Keats and his love affair with Fanny Brawne before he was sent to Italy with TB – where he died at the very young age of 25 –

The day was bookended by seeing the World Premier of UCLA Live’s contemporary production of Lenda Udovicki’s “Medea” – (pronounced Ma – DAY – ah) – that Euripides wrote and was first produced in 431 BC..this production starring the wonderful Annette Bening –

(FYI men – Warren Beatty’s 51 yr old wife…student of Iyengar Yoga – (and WOW it shows – she has a fabulously toned body) – mother of 4 children – born in (YAY!!) Iowa where my grands came from….)

“What anger worse or slower to abate than lovers’ love when turned to hate”

(I have been THERE many a time…(sigh!))

which was held at the Freud (pronounce Frude) Theatre on the campus of UCLA – it was totally sold out – this was a preview – it officially opens on Sept 23rd…

it was fascinating entering the theatre as the stage is tilted toward the audience and TOTALLY covered in sand….when the lights are on….there is like a fog..created from the dust of the sand….and it had a wonderful salt air ocean smell which made me think it must have come off some beach rather than the desert…and even as you walked down the aisle to your chair you could feel a bit of grit….underfoot…..

.. Annette must just die to get back home to take a bath as she is throwing herself quite grandly all over the sand…..

On my left I sat next to two old dyed blonde teased hair facelifted ladies (probably my age)…who were like birds – they kept swiveling their heads as though they expected the Pope to appear at any moment…and on my right was this really REALLY HOT Woman ..who looked like Sarkozy’s wife….long shoulder length peat brown hair…. a simple black dress ….that started at her crotch…and the most gorgeous legs I have seen in a long time….which her “boy friends” hands were NEVER off of ……I SOOO wanted to touch them also….but did not want to get a black eye or end up in the hooscow…..

it is a Brilliant production – but likely to draw only those that are not tuned to American Reality shows – which means not very many people….

sandwiched in between the shows I watched – the Second Season (Neflix DVD) of my FAVORITE TV show – which I only discovered about 6 months ago – a TV show called “Rescue Me”..which is like in its Fifth season – .about the NY Fire Dept after 9/11 – it is totally a man’s show…but the humor is sooo my family’s …know my bros would love it…..Denis Leary has such great wit – and treats every subject from men’s constant horniness and unfaithfulness to gay issues to lesbian daughters….to Alcoholics Anonymous… to the size of your dick ….

which makes me wonder….

do straight men prefer a blow job to f-ing a pussy….well I do…but then I am gay ……but according to the way this show runs -it seems they do also…..(scoozie Liz)…but girls let me know what you I frankly think YOU are never satisfied sexually as easily as men are…meaning men well can get satisfied too quickly…..whereas you are left with this hot panting sweaty body ontop of you….can see why vibrators are such a popular item…..

and my birthday dinner last night at the Bel Air …. it closes in 11 days – was such a wonderful wonderful Dream – the closest of good ole friends ..and really FABULOUS food –

I was happy to hear that the swans do not have to move during the two years of construction…

I hate to think what it will end up looking like…as we all have loved it for 40 years – like an old shoe –

well you have to have lived a bit to appreciate an old shoe….it can be your wife or husband or partner….

or REALLY just YOURSELF loving yourself…

after putting yourself through Hell all those years….you awake to the very simple fact that YOU rescued

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