It Is Hard To Talk To A Dream

September 26, 2009

I guess it is a human condition that we do not appreciate WHAT we have until it is gone – disappears – or dies……from butterflies to human interaction…..

It always seems we look back and say “Wow!!! SHE really was a lot of fun….or MAN did I learn a lot from him!!!!”

rather than saying it at THE MOMENT and telling them……

I went with two of my oldest (physically and in time) friends….to Yosemite this weekend….

Miss Doris and Mr Jimmy….she is like 80 and he his like 84 and a half……who are like family to me…well I actually know them better and they me – than I do my own family…..she is a VERY strikingly beautiful woman – who really looks more like 60 – and he is a very handsome man who looks more like 64…..

he has such knowledge – like he could sit in the back seat and sing the whole California State Anthem – something Miss Doris and I had never heard…..we were amazed…and entertained until – like a little kid he started singin more songs…a bit off key …and Miss Doris and I just sighed and wanted to throw a shoe at him……but he has such spunk and is such a giver…..

I will never forget – we had taken a 4 hour bus tour of Yosemite and ended up at this 8,000 foot spot where you can look down on the Valley floor at the Ahwahnee Hotel, at El Cap and Half Dome….Jim and I were sitting outside our bus…….and this German couple and their two young kids were passing by….this grasshopper (?) flew by them and dropped to the ground looking like an old cigarette butt – well they all stopped to look down …Jimmy said to the youngest …”you dropped something…” well fortunately they understood English as they all laughed……

Our bus driver/tour guide – was unendingly verbally prolific especially about boring Geological terms …his forte….

… occasionally he would lift his left arm to stretch and hang on to the window sill above his seat…well he had not put on any deodorant….. as I cannot smell very well – I just assumed it was my imagining something – until Miss Doris started to pinch her nose and fan herself…. we were in the front seats …..well Sammy stretched for about 5 minutes every 20 minutes…which got me hysterically laughin as I knew the effect it was havin on my seatmate…..

we stayed at the Wawona Hotel (Miss Doris kept wanting to call it the Wawaneee) – YOU MUST stay there if you are in Yosemite …but don’t let the secret get out ..

….it is like 5 miles into the park and an hour from the Valley floor – at 4,000 feet – in a comfortable verdant meadow… is a truly wonderful Victorian hotel built back at the turn of the century before last..with like 5 different size builidings …..and NOTHING has changed…there is No cell reception – No internet availability – No Air Conditioning – No Televisions – No phones in the rooms – No hair dryers – the same claw tubbed baths/showers (with the original WIDE old shower heads …. spraying everywhere) that were put in way back in the early 1900’s….half of the rooms (54) have bathrooms the other 50 do not and you are given a robe to paddle down the veranda (all of the 6 buildings are surrounded by verandahs) to go to a communal toilet or shower…..

I know a lot of young Westernized people hate it for lack of todays “amenities” – but well the three of us grew up when these “luxuries” were not available…

it was quite refreshing for people to have to look at others – rather than down at their blackberries and iphones – and talk….or not, to each other….

In the evening – in the main building – in a parlor that holds about 30 people at the most – think more like 20 – this Totally wonderful 51 year old pianist/raconteur Tom Bopp …EXUDES….old stories – contemporary ones – and can sing and play on the piano most anything….well Mr Jim who is an old Hollywood producer who knew everyone way back then ….would request songs…and Tom knew them all – and they traded stories about that period – like Mr Jim was a close friend of Busby Berkeley (sp?)… and wrote a wonderful book about him….he was a good friend of Larry Fine (one of the 3 “Stooges”) and wrote a book about him….was a friend of the actress Judith Andersen (sp?) …Rock Hudson’s wife Phylis etc etc….

YES I KNOW I am not talking about the most important person in our trio – Miss Doris – like MOST WOMEN – she holds the glue together with these testosterone overfuelled men…she has been married devotedly like 4 times – Mr Jim is her oldest friend – and they got married unbeknownest (sp?) to me on my birthday like 6 years ago…..(he had been married once before)….

but Doris is like my friend Michelle – she just speaks the truth – whether you like to hear it or not…….she probably is more bluntly honest than Michelle who coats her honesty in infectious laughter…..

I was like 13 years old when my Uncle Sumner showed me pictures of his house on Castillian Drive in LA – and in all of these pictures was this HOT GORGEOUS Black Haired EXTREMELY Buxom Beauty in a Very TIGHT black cocktail dress..

.(little did I know that MY Sensual Dream would come true …as years later she would become one of my closest friends)..

I would ask my Uncle …who is the lady in these pictures – and this is many many moons before I knew he was gay,…… much less me ….he would say “That is a dear friend of mine – Doris Olson”

and I would snicker to myself thinkin ….yeah just “a friend”…..

well as the windows on Burgundy Point steamed up due to cooking corn on the cob… I would write in the large plate glass window that looked down toward the lake “Sumner Loves Doris”….and he would turn red with embarrassment…..which I realize WHY now….(sigh)

The MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE RIGHT NOW…is to REALLY APPRECIATE WHO/WHOM you have in your LIFE… they are not going to be around physically forever….

as it is hard to talk to a dream……

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