Cut Off His Balls!!!!!

October 3, 2009

I became a Feminist at a very young age…after watching the Black and White movie ….”Two Women” ..when I was 14…

..I TOTALLY fell in love with Sophia Loren… she expressed such balls……and was ready to FIGHT ANY MAN that cruelly crossed her path….

she reminded me of my mum – when Dad was driving all 5 children – dog and 2 cats – near the refinery on the turnpike around Chicago -( well think it might have been more like Indiana -)

I was sitting in the front seat of the station wagon – Mum was in the middle…the farty dog George was at my feet……

I became quite physically ill inhaling the rotten egg smell ….and Father said I was nothing but a sissy …..

It was the First time I heard my mother talk BACK to my father – she TOTALLY defended me…he actually was speechless …..and I loved her for it…..

Oprah did a show recently ….talking about women that have helped women in Africa….and my ears perked up when I heard of the Group “Women Who Help Women”…well it is women helping women in Africa to get their own business started….and it is $27.00 a month….so I joined…..but I might be rejected as I am NOT a Woman….and I don’t plan on having a sex change…but maybe I can start Men Who Help Women Who Help Women…….(Ned and Lowell I might need your help)

I went tonight to see Alan Cumming – as I was blown away when I saw him off Broadway in Cabaret in 98 – he acted opposite the late Beautiful Natasha Richardson….(she was taken away TOO SOON)….. as he was/is very edgy – not your normal actor…..HE JUST HAS IT!!!!!

It was the BEST evening I have had this year…well after Barbara Morrison’s 60th Birthday Bash at the Ford Anson Theatre, my nephew Elliott’s soo MOVING tribute to Frankie Manning in NYC, having dinner with the Cursedly Honest Michelle at Chez Josephine for her bday, Going to Yosemite for my bday with two of my dearest friends……..Miss Doris and Mr Jim…..and hearing Tom Bopp play at the Wawona…….

On my left in the Theatre was a wonderful woman…married to a Brit…..but she had the same sensibility that I have…..she at one point said that they had “Gay” friends living near Highland Ave – which is not far from where I live…I blanched and said ….”Does that mean you think I am GAY???” …(as I don’t feel I give off the stereotypical image……)

she said ” OHH No….I don’t care what one is or does”…..but she still did not answer my question….

For some reason as we were talking …..the subject of child molesters came up…( I guess because of Elizabeth (?) Smart being back in the news)…………one of my TOTAL HATE FEELINGS AND ATTITUDES IS ABOUT CHILD MOSLESTERS

she answered as I would have ..had she not answered so quickly..

..Just Cut OFF Their Balls…………..

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