To Love Intensely But Not To Touch……

October 24, 2009

There were two stars on either side of the firmament who fell in love with each other…..

And though they were Millions of Miles away from each other….they did not know whether to give up their Secure part of the Stratosphere…to meet…..

they could ONLY blink at each other …….as the Casablanca sands of the hour glass seemed to gain momentum……

this was a story told to me tonight by this wonderful Mexican man who is a teacher….whom I love very deepfully…a lesson he asks the kids of today to see if it provokes anything within their young minds…..(high school kids)….

I am always BLOWN AWAY by him….as he was someone that came from total poverty….but his life was ALWAYS happy….he did not know as a child he was financially poor…. he was the youngest of 10 kids – 5 boys and 5 girls….his mother was the one that pushed him to cross the border at the age of 14 – 20 years ago – to pursue his education – he crossed the border illegally with his 16 year old bro…..taken by a crazy coyote….who charged them each $500…………and he was an illegal until last year……

the rest of his bros and sisters ( well all but one) were in Fresno, California …working in the fields……

he thanks MacDonalds for hiring him…as he was able to save his earnings to buy a bike so he could travel to school from his brothers house miles away without having to walk……

he NOW is working on his MASTERS in Psychology …which will allow him to get a 10 grand increase in his salary as a Counselor (sp?) which he already is doing …..with the school he works at…..

his social life is quite minimal due to his focused work and studying……

his mother is 80..sitll lives in Mexico in the house that is primitively built…with her husband and her birds……..she is in “good” health due to taking care of her grand kids…..her daughter’s (the only one that stayed in Mexico)…….it gives her a reason to live…..

he worries about her dying…

I said it is something you have to come to grips with as SHE WILL…..and though I knew my mom who was bedridden for years….would die…WHEN she did …it left a BIG hole in my life……and to this day there are moments when I grab the phone to tell Mom about something that she would laugh at….but (sigh)….she is not physically here…..and HOW I miss her laugh… is TOTALLY IRREPLACEABLE…..

he said to me at this sports bar we were in tonight….”Rob…I do not know how I will be able to handle it…as nothing in my family’s life has been tragic…we have always been surrounded by this total warm happiness”…..

I told him….it will be one of the saddest periods in your life……just keep doing what you are doing….SHE might not tell you…but I KNOW she is EXTREMELY PROUD of what you have accomplished…..and when she dies she will die happy that she raised a child like you……

the TWO STARS in the firmament tore themselves away from their area in the Stratosphere – collided and became ONE EXHILIRATING SHOOTING STAR…..THAT THREW such intense Happiness on the Earth that the cows lying in the pasture at Forest Lodge looked up at the Firmament and SMILED!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “To Love Intensely But Not To Touch……”

  1. your sis said

    Really beautiful Rob – how lucky you are to have Lucas (or Nacho, or whatever you call him)in your life xxd

  2. Tom said

    Rob, I bet your mom saw what you wrote and smiled with pride at YOU. Yeah, it’s just something i want to believe, that our mothers are still here, somewhere, to love us. That unconditional love can be found nowhere else…No wonder he doesn’t think he can “handle” it.
    And then the issue of “illegals” that the bigots in this state like to call Mexican friends like yours (was initially) so they can keep them out of this country, denying a chance for a loving person like him, so they can wallow in their own arrogance and ignorance behind fenced borders…

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