Friday as the Nurse at Kaiser wast taking my blood – she asked if I had bought Christmas presents for my Grandchildren – well I did a double take – and thought SHIT do I REALLY look that old…..

at THAT moment I TOTALLY identified with what mother said years ago when she was in her 80’s about how her mindset was still the same as when she was in her 20’s……

and then again I realized later that the nurse had asked me before she drew blood – what my name and birth date was…….something she has to ask as she looks at the plastic vials clunking around on her station…..

but I told her I was gay and did not have any children much less grandchildren -which made her old Filipino Catholic jaw drop for a nano-second – I told her this AFTER she had inserted the needle into my arm…..(I couldn’t keep my eyes off her stained crooked teeth)

I saw the movie “9” today and the movie “Up In The Air” ….I was totally disappointed with “9” – even though both the LA Times and the NY Times gave it poor reviews I REALLY was looking forward to disagreeing with them as I so often do

I was SOO enthralled by the trailers – that I thought it would be a movie on the order of “Moulin Rouge” and TOTALLY transport me….but alas – it basically is vignettes of all those brilliant actors having their own individual sing and dance numbers – in the mind blocked gorgeous Daniel Day Lewis’s imagination……and all of these actors ARE BRILLIANT in their performances but the script sucks as it just treats them as all separate stories … ……it just did not transport – EXHILARATE (man I LOVE that word) me as I had hoped…..

but “Up In The Air” I totally DID enjoy…..George Clooney is like a comfortable old shoe …..though I must say the message of the story was not the total escapism that I wanted – but it is at the end of the day the Reality of Life now….

and the “BEST FRIEND” I spent the day with was….


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