Robbed???? Like Tiger’s wife??? or of Possessions???

December 12, 2009

The only time I have been robbed (knock on wood)..was with my first lover in his house on Norma Place – at that time he owned property from Norma to Keith and also the units on Hilldale – in an area called Sherman – before it became the City of West Hollywood….

We went to see the opening of “Hello Dolly” – only to come back to find that one of his Dali paintings had been stolen – the painting Dali did of his wife’s shoes entitled”Gala (sp?)’ s Shoes” – this is like 1970 – and the papers Headline the next day read ” Hello Dolly – Goodbye Dali”… was the ONLY thing taken though

the painting was later recovered in Vegas by undercover FBI who posed as buyers…

at this point NOW,.. in my life, Paul was actually the BEST lover I have EVER had.(out of 7?) he just CARED….yes he was like twice my age…I was 21 when I met him…just a month out of college from the Midwest….but I always gravitated to older men as I felt they were wiser and more experienced ….which was always True…BUT Paul – though an alcoholic – from which he died – after I had left him for the third time..(and not because) …was TRULY a MAGICAL person – we would have cocktail parties with well the BEST of Hollywood back then – will never forget one night – I had bought “Silver Dollar” Eucalyptus Trees that we put throughtout the Living Room….(one still exists in front of 8937 Keith Avenue)

Estelle Winwood – a wonderufl British character actress on the order of Judy (sp?) Dench – Estelle was 92 at the time (she died at the age of 97 – and use to act on stage with Tallulah Bankhead) – was there – will never forget going to see the “Fan Dancer” Sally Rand at the Dorthy Chandler with Paul and Estelle – and Paul was on one side of Estelle and I on the other and we did “High Kicks” down their Grand Staircase

Chris Isherwwood and his lover Don Bachardy – (who is a FABULOUS painter/drawer for those who do not know his name)….I was Don’s model for 4 grueling sittings – once in the nude – they were close friends of Pauls and we saw each other at least once a month….

Evie Johnson – was there she – was the ex wife of the actor Van Johnson – (they had a daughter who realized later in life she was a lesbian) – and what I hated about Van – whom I never met -was he would not have ANYTHING to do with Schuyler …..Evie was married to the actor Keenan Wynn before she met Van – not knowing that he was gay -and I don’t know if Van knew at the time he married Evie that he was gay….Evie was a Wonderful Ballsy white woman – who just exuded alot of LIFE!! she also was quite strikingly Voluptuously Beautiful ..

Cheryl Crane (the daughter of Lana Turner).was there with her lover (female)……..Cheryl went to jail for allegedly killing her mother’s lover Johnny Stepanato (sp?) …a murder that was REALLY never solved as Lana was at the height of her film career and the gossip was that MGM(?) came in and decided that Cheryl being an underage child would get less of a sentence ..whereas it would ruin ..could ruin Lana’s career….but neither Cheryl or Lana would talk about it EVER…..which in some respects after all the Bimbos that have popped out of the woodwork with Tiger Woods is honestly refreshing…..but frankly unfair to Cheryl

Peetsie Hayword was there – the exwife of the silent screen star Louis Hayward – she was in her late 70’s ..and what she SAID our small Living Room – brought an Immediate silence to the room that I will NEVER FORGET..

my Uncle Sumner arrived with his lover Jim. late ….and Jim was introduced to Peetsie…

she turned to Sumner …and said ..after looking at Jim and remembering Sumner’s first lover – Nicky Nichols –

“Sumner you have traded a diamond for a Zircon????”

WELL EVERYONE in the room stopped talking…there was total SILENCE…. and everyone was amazed that Peetsie could be SO RUDE…..(this is the 70’s)

Jim said nothing nor did Nicky….

Ava Astaire (Fred’s daughter) was there with her VERY gay first husband Carl Bosterman (not sure if that is the correct last name)…Ava was and is a Total Dream….Carl though was VERY Nelly..(Gay) …I gather that Fred got Totally drunk at her wedding…she divorced and married a a few years later the painter (Richard MacKenzie)… and the last I heard is very happily living in Cork Ireland

but Paul BELIEVED in Magic….and the small people – elves, faeries, munchkins, etc…

he was a close friend of Judy Garland who wanted him to marry her….. and she told Paul that her original shoes in “The Wizard Of Oz” were torn up by the “munchkins” at a closing night party where everyone was kind of inebriated…..

anyway according to Paul when he turned her down for marriage he said she smashed all his mirrors in his New York apartment….

I just had dinner with two of my FAVORITE people – my best friends and – (sigh) oldest … Doris and Jim – he is 86 today – and they have known each other since they were teenagers – Doris is as honest as another of one of my best friends Michelle…I mean these Ladies just PUT you in YOUR place….

but there is something so so WONDERFUL about “old” friends – as you DO NOT have to be anything but yourself…and you just relish being with each other…

The point of this epistle…is that YOU can NEVER be Robbed ……

of the most important things in Life…. YOUR Dreams…YOUR Beliefs ..Your Friends

…so NEVER stop Believing or Dreaming!!!!

as LIFE is so …sooo PRECIOUS….

Nite!! ..

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