New Years Dreams

January 1, 2010

Tonight I was with three of my Oldest and Best Friends…Jim R, Miss Doris and Jim T……

there is such a wealth in friendship and forgotten experiences that we have shared and yet relived tonight …… since I met them in 1969……..

and the person who held the key to WHY we all knew each other is dead – my Uncle Sumner….who had such a gift for LIFE!!!!! – well as do the three of them…..


The only time I was in Times Square to see THE Ball drop ….. was at least 15 years ago – like 1995 –

I was with my best friend (not lover) Jimbo….we had dinner in the Village and then went to the madhouse of Times Square but the crowds got so unruly – and threatening that we split – I mean there were knives pulled and broken bottles smashed as weapons …it was total claustrophobia

.we went to a piano bar and then to a strip bar until it closed –

and at 3AM – Jimbo said “Robert have you been to the sex clubs on 42nd Street” – well naive me had NEVER been and I said NO…he said “LETS GO”…….

and this is BEFORE 42nd Street was cleaned up and Disneyfied …

as we entered this 2 story structure there was a man with a hose – washing out these like phone booth cubicles that were so foreign to me ….the second floor was for Gay men and the First Floor was for straight men…we paid at the kiosk to this scary Mafia looking man – tats and scars –

Jimbo said Lets Go !!!

and I stopped him on the stairs and said WHAT am I supposed to do in these booths…he said Robert – there will be a screen in front of you that will lift and you will see a nude man – who will dance just for YOU – you can tip him and if you want you can hire him for later..

.BUT there also is a button on your left and right that you can push and if the guy in the booth next to you wants to see what you are doing he will push his…..and the curtain in the glass will rise between you two..

it was an experience I will NEVER forget….

Jimbo …a man with such a heart….such sensitivity …..

A man who ushered in a Totally NEW YEAR for me ……


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