WHERE did IT come from?????

January 9, 2010

after I was leaving the gym Wednesday – there was a young – attractive, short and thin – gay guy at the front desk with Triplets – 2 in a stroller and 1 in his arms –

it threw up a BIG question mark over my head

– was HE their father with a gay partner – or was he the nanny for the Octo-Mom???

and then I went to my usual lunch place – Koo Koo Roos and Paula my favorite waitress with a chipped front tooth – her streaked blonde hair in a bun – was in a snit as her hours had been cut back …and they ONLY pay minimum wages – which is like $8.75 – with NO benefits – and she has two children – husband deserted her – and about a month before Christmas she got quite sick – and told me she was bleeding from her anus – I SAID GO to a doctor – so she did – a free clinic – and told me yesterday that she had stopped drinking and was going to church MORE….said she was Christian and What was I – I said Christian – and she asked if I went to church – I said Yes – but NOT like you Catholics – and she said WHAT do you mean – I said well you have masses etc all day long – she said well not our church …but I do spend all day at church on Sundays as I have no money…..

which hit a chord in me …as my favorite man – Nacho – his mother goes to Mass every day – and I then thought maybe – it is for the same reason…..but I think not…as she DOES not need to be entertained

funny but the statistics say on the Happiest People list – Mexico comes in second in the World – because of the family oriented culture –

ANYWAY the POINT of this ..

I realized, ALL of my writings HAVE to go back to the way I started writing 45 years ago – when I worked on the Gt Northern Railroad..in desolate areas in North Dakota ….and went to the one and only cafe to write……absorbing the local flavor of the denizens….

I enclose a note I sent some friends in Atlanta – Dave writes BEAUTIFULLY and is such a wonderful man – his lover Rick is old Southern wealth…like his family probably owned “Tara” before Vivien Leigh arrived to film “Gone With The Wind” …..

it begins here and is addressed to Dave:

I just spent a Wonderful evening with Ralph, Dave, and Angel…..and they said how wonderful it was to see you albeit so briefly – in PS..

WE – well really I – was wondering how the man made lake you created at the Farm is water fed – someone said it probably was by a garden hose – n then I remembered how upset you get when Rick shaves without turning off the tap between strokes…..

Ralph said it must be spring fed or maybe a creek – but then you have been in such a drought until recently…so I thought maybe it was bottled water imported from Mexico…..and Angel said NO it would be too expensive with all the payoffs one has to pay on the way back …. for water that flowed down from the US to Mexico…..

and then I was WONDRN if you had any fish or crayfish in the lake as they sort of appear – (well so the Good Lord told me yesterday) …….Naturally……

we all talked back and forth like 4 Turkish women, drinking raki and smoking…… overlooking the Bosporus …at what fine men you and Rick are…..and how we just might come down to scare you in June..

.well THEY all MIGHT…

with me and my cheap polyester burka – it depends on my tax return….. but m dying to come down to True Southern Hospitality….. I am going up to Seattle the end of June – the Summer Solstice for my nephews wedding on Bainbridge Island off the coast of Seattle…..

anyway love you!!

n Give Rick a surprise kiss on his left buttocks from me – not that I WOULD EVER go there…it is just an old American Native custom….or so Ralph told me….


(PS At Trunks Ralph was hit on by a VERY drunk HEALTHY Rotund bartender – probably in his VERY late 40’s ..(and Ralph is breathing on 70) – from the Gold Coast – who was sitting with 2 friends in the booth behind us – who came up and gave Ralph his business card – I had NO idea that the “Old” Coast HAD business cards – and he had a strange name like “Ha” or “Who”..(he was NOT Asian …anyway they all left as I said – I guess Too loudly – “Ralph he is as drunk as a skunk”…)

and WHERE did that expression come from …like your lake water???????

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