Behind The Looking Glass

January 30, 2010

I saw the movie “The Imaginrium of Doctor Parnassus” today which I had been avoiding as people were going to see it as it was the last movie Heath Ledger was filming when he unexpectedly died – which was a shock to everyone – after his success with “Brokeback Mountain”

– Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell stepped in to complete it …….and asked that their salaries be given to his very young daughter Matilda – who was left nothing in his will….

All of these actors are my favorites….

Well this movie was sooo soo wonderful – I guess because I grew up in a world of Mystery and Fantasy-

thanks to my Aunt Mary who believed STRONGLY in MAGICAL events like treasure hunts through her pachysandra and tree stumps at her summer house in Wisconsin – you followed a string and found “treasures” in unexpected places…..

This kind of life unfortunately will NEVER exist anymore what with INSTANT LIFE – texting – internet – WIFI – Twitter – Facebook –

No one has time anymore to WONDER … WHAT IF – (but I hope…. Laura and Ohh – Sumner and Maria – you TRY to keep it going .for your kids…- though I don’t know if it is possible – I mean it is MUCH harder)

Magic is gone the way I use to know it….as much as….. being able to drink from a stream coming down a mountain as you are hiking – which we were able to do back then ….

My favorite books that my English teacher at STA ( Stanley Lewis ???Rick what was his last name”) ….had us read were C S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia – especially “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”….

you see as a young kid I use to go up to my grandparent’s attic in the turret of 825 Fairmount Avenue in St Paul – part of which was the “maid’s” room and bath – plus other rooms – it had a VERY steep staircase that you went up from the 2nd floor – beyond the radiator on which my grand dried her urine stained corsets – well they looked to me “urine stained” – but could not have been – they were just old…..

and when you walked up these steep stairs to the attic – straight ahead of you was the maid’s bedroom with the blood stains on the faded patterned wallpaper where Dad slaughtered all the Easter Chicks that had grown beyond their Easter age after my sis Daidie had been given them many months before – (she is 5 years older than me and had to put up with my kicking her aside when I was born – as far as my parents attention after WWII – she was put in the “Rat Room”…)

there was a “call box” in the maid’s room so she knew what room was ringing her – whether it was the dining room – the living room – my grand’s bedroom – or my mother’s room – but when I was there my grands did not have any live in help…..

and to your right was a room – where mother’s trophy for being the Best in Latin at Summit School was on a bookshelf…and further on was another room that was LARGE to my small self – which was under the Victorian Turret you saw from the street below with a window that looked down upon it …

and in this room was a trunk where I discovered Great Aunt Claire’s costume jewelery – which at the time this young kid believed to be REAL sapphires and diamonds – her old combs – it was like magic to touch them and wonder How and Where she wore these pieces ……maybe she had been in a circus…

and there was this WARDROBE – with a mirror on it – and my mother having read Alice In Wonderland to me – I believed if I could go through the mirror – I would enter a world like Alice or CS Lewis’s kids …it would be MAGICAL and all of the angst I felt as a young person would disappear….

I would be free from myself…..

and this is WHY I loved the movie “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”

BUT – it has taken me many years –

I HAVE FINALLY …been able to walk through the mirror …and laugh at my young self….As I am one person that I DO love……

One Response to “Behind The Looking Glass”

  1. Liz said

    Rob, I love your description of your memories of such magical times! and the ability to walk through the mirror and laugh (and have compassion) for your young self. love you!

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