Do Manual Egg Beaters Exist In Your Life???

March 12, 2010

It was a memory that came back to me tonight after I had dinner with some dear long term friends

(being PC – one can NOT call them “old friends” though they are, as I have known them for 40 years)….n frankly looking back over the graveyard of my friends and family – NO ONE in their 80’s EVER looked BETTER or acted MORE alive than Miss Doris and Mr Jimmy……except of course my mom…..

but some say it is how you perceive the grass growing ….which is probably true after I look at myself in the mirror…..

I don’t know why egg beaters (manual) came up….other than I flashed on my grandmother making the batter for pancakes at 825 in St Paul all those years ago –

manually also making orange juice on this phallic ribbed prong in the middle of a glass dish …I mean I would wake up and could smell the citrus scent from the floor above…..

My memories, as I am sure everyones are,….. r soo rich in scent, taste, touch n color and especially music…..scent or music will take me INSTANTLY back to that period – good or bad….

lilacs remind me of our weekend house in Blue Ridge Summit, PA…….which had a a lilac bush that was humongous and must have been like 50 years old….the scent was so heady …..

“Somewhere In The Night” (????) Frank Sinatra …takes me back to my college days and my grands steamy Cadillac that I had borrowed…n drove down from their house in St Paul –

made out with my TRUE first love – I parked the car on the banks of the Canon River …- Cherie Frame…..she was a “townie”…which all college kids looked down on…..except me……

– worked at Carleton College….

.mother did not approve of Mother felt she was socially beneath me……she was a “good” Catholic…meaning I could NOT take advantage of her the way most of us men would…….(sigh)..

.but this song played …she allowed me to get into her bra – and touch her…..which she felt guilty about …..her skin was like WHITE porcelain so soft – her mom was British……she ended up marrying my roommate….n I do wonder WHAT happened with her…as I did soo love her!!!!!

bitng into a sweet pickle – instantly takes me back to the Bobynn Resort on Lake Namekagon….I bite into one n flow back into those days …..when Randy’s wife – Gladys (?) – would serve us with her right hand missing…… was a stump …I was NOT supposed to stare but couldn’t stop…never knew how she lost her hand – she was soo sooo sweet and wonderful as was her husband Randy who ran n owned the only gas station on the lake…..

.the fried chicken was the best….the Bobynn was where my sister would play on the juke box “If I Knew You Were Coming I Woulda Baked a Cake”….cost a nickel ….

it was one of Al Capone’s favorite out of town places to stay…..

I just wonder as time goes by if anyone will care about …

Memories the way I know them – people that use to write letters….read a book… away from their Blackberry or iPhone ……I mean everything is soo electronic now……
but to be honest …I am lost without my Droid……

BUT I feel that in the long run electronics will not replace Scent, Sound,Touch n Taste…

Nothing can replace the Fire or the Dance…so keep it going!!!!

n next time we meet, find a manual egg beater… does not make much noise…is silently productively ACTIVE … IT is ME!!!!!

3 Responses to “Do Manual Egg Beaters Exist In Your Life???”

  1. ricci said

    Rob ~

    Great memories. Great sensory details!
    Love you,

  2. Tom said

    Cherie was BEAUTIFUL! I was so jealous…
    but I’ll keep it clean and dwell on the other memories you so wonderfully bring to mind: the egg beater, the orange juice maker, the scent of lilacs…ahhhhh

  3. Holy shitinz, this is so cool thank you.

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