There is a change going on within me….

I guess due to the upcoming Self Awareness type Seminar that I will be going through next weekend – an intensive Thursday thru Sunday Experience…

Two of the favorite people in my life have said I WILL come away from it TOTALLY changed…..

It is strange but my dreams have become for some reason RICHER….which I do not understand WHY…

but I dreamt last night of Paul – (the dear guy – who runs the mail room at City Hall.. dyes his hair Ann Miller JET Black as he does his partners… is also into Botox…)….

( his handicapped mother is arriving from Phoenix this weekend to spend it with him…she has diabetes (?) – is wheel chair bound basically – has lost most of her hair – so wears wigs) the dream …. his mother was having a ..well like an English Afternoon Tea Party….she was petite..Quite Elegant… …had a Full Head of Blonde Hair.. but was on a cane……it was like a scene out of My Fair Lady….women with hats and long skirts…men with that period of dress…cravats – morning coats with tails…..

a child approached Paul’s mother ….

she bent over with her wonderful blonde hair encapsulated in that wonderful featherd white hat – – floor length off white skirt – on her cane….to listen to the child…..

I was watching from afar….and was

TOTALLY BLOWN away as her cane turned into ice cream cones….which she gave to this child….

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