Get Off of Your Ass and LIVE

March 26, 2010

There is a change going on within me….

I guess due to the upcoming Self Awareness type Seminar that I will be going through next weekend – an intensive Thursday thru Sunday Experience…

Two of the favorite people in my life have said I WILL come away from it TOTALLY changed…..

It is strange but my dreams have become for some reason RICHER….which I do not understand WHY…

but I dreamt last night of Paul – (the dear guy – who runs the mail room at City Hall.. dyes his hair Ann Miller JET Black as he does his partners… is also into Botox…)….

( his handicapped mother is arriving from Phoenix this weekend to spend it with him…she has diabetes (?) – is wheel chair bound basically – has lost most of her hair – so wears wigs) the dream …. his mother was having a ..well like an English Afternoon Tea Party….she was petite..Quite Elegant… …had a Full Head of Blonde Hair.. but was on a cane……it was like a scene out of My Fair Lady….women with hats and long skirts…men with that period of dress…cravats – morning coats with tails…..

a child approached Paul’s mother ….

she bent over with her wonderful blonde hair encapsulated in that wonderful featherd white hat – – floor length off white skirt – on her cane….to listen to the child…..

I was watching from afar….and was

TOTALLY BLOWN away as her cane turned into ice cream cones….which she gave to this child….

4 Responses to “Get Off of Your Ass and LIVE”

  1. Liz said

    Rob,what a generative dream! Transfoming paradigms! Love you, Liz

  2. susi said

    What a great dream, Rob!
    If you don’t mind my butting into your dream — It could be interesting to look at the dream characters as parts of you… so — for instance, what part feels “disabled” but as it turns out is not only elegantly and actively engaged but is “magical” — able to transform the mundane into gifts for others? Also, white is often a special color in the metaphorical world. Often the white animal is sacred or protected or magical. The white unicorn, the white elephant, the white swan. Brides wear white dresses.. And part of the lady-in-white’s magic seemed to come into play by engaging with the child, the childlike mind state?
    You’ve got me going…

  3. Just like you, uncle Rob to dream of helping someone before you helped yourself.

  4. your sis said

    Well I agree with both Susi and Barbara. Incredibly rich dream – and might add that it seems a sign that it bodes well for the workshop – that you are giving a gift to yourself a gift that will be transformative and enriching! Can’t wait to follow it all through dreams and conversations! Love you xxd

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