April 16, 2010

yeah ..yeah you are bored or offended by my blogs…

jest give me a chance…..as I know most people won’t after they reach a certain mind set in their lives …….

my favorite TV show which is on FX is “Damages” with Glenn Close …..was just reading that Lily Tomlin who plays a wonderfully conniving evil person on “Damages” – is 70 …which sort of surprised me…..

she was offered the cover of Time Mag .MANY years ago if she would come OUT publicly…..she refused….as the times were not right…..she DID appear on the cover 2 years later for her first Broadway show….the New York Mag goes on to say: “While the dominant advice the world seems to give you today is about how to brand your self and create an identity, Tomlin makes a pretty good argument for leaving the branding to Apple and Gucci and TRUSTING your life and career to YOUR gut…..

I am going next Wednesday into the NEXT chapter of my self awareness …an intense seminar that goes 14 hours a day from Weds thru Sun……and actually one day I have been told goes from 10 Am to the next day at 6 AM ……

but I AM READY..

as the last seminar dug back into an area that I did not know existed…..and has made me aware of what experiences that the newly born child encountered AFTER I came out of the womb….it is totally MIND BLOWING….

I HAVE had the MOST intense dreams since the last seminar…

today I told my “coach” to tell the Main Coach who works non stop with us …about my colitis…and that if I had an attack to let me go to the john..so I did not have bloody diarrhea dripping down my legs..she quietly wrote back..”that is between you and the Coach…and has nothing to do with me”….

in other words “It is up to YOU to take care of YOUR life”…….

and I LOVE her MORE for that….

at the end of the day…it is TOTALLY up to us….no matter WHAT age…to face ourselves in the mirror and NOT to blame ANYONE or depend on ANYONE for where we are today…

.as we were all born PERFECT individuals!!!!!!

Love you all!!!

One Response to “I ALMOST OWN my own SELF!!!”

  1. Nacho said

    Love it, Like always Robert. I”m sorry about your colitis 😦
    Can’t wait to have coffee and chat with you soon.


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