April 30, 2010

through these CEC workshops ….that a dear friend Michelle had recommended..

I had been in a rut for years and was getting bored with re-writing my will and frankly with my “happy self”…who did the predictable thing every day and every weekend….until I thought FUCK this is WRONG…n so Fing boring

n this blog is dedicated to my 22 new friends who helped me see the light…

Sunday night…once I got home from you guys…I went immediately to bed and slept staggeredly …as I KEPT seeing ALL of YOUR EYES…

I would awake….then go back into sleep…to be awakened by Avie’s eyes (he will be a Prime Minister …really a “Leader” for mankind)……

Mandy’s intensely sensitive eyes….

Mark or JJ’s eyes …I thought I would dislike JJ as he appeared to be a White Supremist (sp?) with his Mohawk covered by that fucking flat billed cap….(an aside NO ONE except a VERY straight man wears a baseball cap that way…with the brim NOT rounded….look at movies and see if ANY of the macho guys do NOT have a rounded baseball brim….)

yes thank you Judith ( whom I ADORE)….she ALWAYS HAS an answer…which this child (me) NEVER did…

….it is the GAYS or FAGS that introduced the rounded bill on a hat …as it looks sexier…

sleeping that nite … was frankly quite delicious….as each of you appeared to me…

Monet I want to explore your tattoos….and hear the stories of those wonderful Carney people….I COULD NOT take my eyes off your legs…..as I SOO wanted to hear the stories…you are an intensely beautiful woman…

and Ben I want to hear more about your father….only glimpsed a bit of him when you exploded in Discovery…

Rozzie ….and Colleen ….man YOU guys are POWERFUL women…..and KNOW what you want…..always did and always will…..just love you guys to death….

Simon…I totally love you….and apologize for you having to listen to my stories during that one exercise in Discovery…I recognized you from your shoes…..and YOUR stories….you have a GREAT mother…who just NEEDS to get her shit together….. how I WISH I had had this experience at your age…how different life would have been…..you are blessed though with such a sensitive mom…

Judith/Justin you are like Gemini twins…love each other and hate each other….but then again I hated and loved my older sister the same way…wanted to hit her with a Mexican baseball bat my uncle gave me way back then….but to this day have ALWAYS loved her to death…(hate that expression..”to death”)

Matthew …once you get your farm going….I want to come over and smoke some “Persian Tea”….as Persians ..”are the chosen people”….(yeah yeah “Jews”)….so it will be “Chosen Tea”

and Akram I want to be on your NEXT/n LAST wedding list ….you changed into this pillar of strength literally before our eyes…..
and Mona….you are without the doubt one of the sweetest people I have EVER met…..don’t EVER CHANGE……and which one is your boyfriend…is it Avie or Justin or Jimon…I really did not focus on it…..as I thought Mandy was Rozzie’s sister until I learned she was Ben’s …

I went out with my roommate tonight for dinner…..I have always rented out a room in my townhouse …to help pay the mortgage…Christoph was the first 12 years ago….(Christoph it has been TOTALLY improved since my Ikea days…the walk in closet has a frig and dry bar…and one wall is mirrored)…..

Ankit is 23 and last summer graduated from Ohio U….comes from a VERY old traditional poor Indian family..they want to choose his wife….and expect him to work for his father in the paving business

…he moved in last November planning to stay only a few months…works for the accounting firm of Ernst and Young…is Overworked with a flat salary…..and thought he would quit and move back to India before now….but as he said tonight in some respects he wished he had NEVER come to the US and realized the freedom that exists….I said Ankit…if you had not…you would be gobsmacked by your children years from now….it might seem difficult for you but 40 years from now when you look back …you will be so happy that you took the stretch you did…….

I will try to get him to come to graduation on Sunday….

as I told him how Discovery and Transformation were the BEST things I have EVER done in my POWERFUL LIFE….

he REALLY expressed interest…and I would pay for him to go through Discovery……puff puff…must be that “Persian Tea”…..

but I REALLY WOULD….!!!!

I Love you ALL!!!

Keep the Fire Lit and the Dance Going!!! …….cuz ….


Rob…the ex-Mummy


  1. Jimoun Hanaei said

    Interesting post. I enjoyed it and emailed it to myself to one day read it over again in a few years and think back at all of our wonderful experiences together.

  2. Rob said

    Dear sweet Rob it has been an honor and a privledge to have gone through this experience with you! I watched you go from a quiet and hurt man to this guy who has the most powerful and confident charisma! Thank you for helping me see the same n myself!

  3. ricci said

    BRAVO! Welcome back! But you never left!

    I love you,

    your bro,

  4. Colleen Westbrook said

    Wow, Rob, that was incredible, and touching. You are such a wonderful person, I loved you from the first day when we were paired up and had to talk about what scares us. One would never know by the end of discovery and then transformation that you were phobic about speaking to an audience. You’ve come a long way – Alleluia!!

  5. Mandy Yazditabar said

    Dearest Rob,
    This was the greatest, funniest, touching and most powerful message I could have read. You said it all. It was an honor to cry, laugh and grow with you. I saw so much in you the first day, as I’m sure you did in me. But I’m glad we’ve all transformed in one shape or another. Love you.

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