I just had dinner with my oldest/best friends.(7 of us)..we have known each other for over 20 plus years – we are diverse – different approaches to life – one has had a lover for over 30 years the youngest one has had his first lover for 10 years now..we are Mexican/Iraqi/Czech/Polish/Danish/Irish/GB….a marvelous hodge-podge…

After my “Discovery and Transformation” seminars …well I TOTALLY VIEW …. EVERYTHING differently now…..as I look at people like I NEVER did BEFORE .. I observe WHICH of their EYES is looking at Me….

….before these seminars I had re-written my will – chosen what object diff people would get…and checked out the best institution for Alzie people – had thought about suicide – but would never do it due to my family… my dear friends Isabel (my domestic cleaner) ….

and Nacho…..

a man who is a TOTAL SURVIVOR – due to his inner strength an BELIEF in God/The ELECTRIC Force beyond us mere mortals..he crossed the border from Mexico through the desert many many years ago.when he was like 7 ..lived with his family in Fresno…saved up after working at McDonalds for many years and was able to buy a bike…he got a grant to go through college……he is now one of the top professors in the LA school district …n is Legal after tooo TOO many years..

..n is taking classes for his MBA…..he is one of the kindest, most caring men I have EVER known ……he sends money home to Mexico to support his parents…he helps all of his family.in Fresno..is the only child that got a college education…….he would be embarrassed that I am mentioning him…….but shit he is one guy that does not need “Discovery or Transformation” as much as the rest of us..as he LIVES IT!!!!

Eric and Oscar….I can never tell you guys how MUCH you HAVE….that you do NOT recognize…love you for being in my life..Sap u have ALWAYS done so much….4 me and Jimbo

well I NOW plan to live to be 97 at least………and I approach everyone differently …or I should say I VIEW them differently..

I went on a hike up Runyon Canyon – I have lived in LA since 69 n NEVER done it….

a walk that takes one up to the highest hill/mtn(for LA) with a view from downtown LA to Century City to the Ocean and Catalina…

.with one of my newest but yet an old friend – Michael Paige – as I have known him for many years BUT NEVER got to know him until we took the Discovery workshop together – where we really bonded for the first time…it made me aware that I who considered a “Best Friend” …was a man I NEVER knew…..except superficially with our normal shields UP…….he has the wonderful shield that I had ALWAYS wanted …….to make people laugh….so they DON”T focus on you/me…….

but Michael is sooo soo warm and SUCH a wonderful man who does NOT yet TOTALLY realize the gift he has……once he takes Transformation he will…

“Transformation” was difficult for me – like one of my fathers 500 mile canoe trips where you are flown in by private plane – land on a lake in the middle of nowhere in Canada where NO ONE lived at that time except the caribou and an occasional bear ……and left for 30 days until you DO NOT appear at your destination..n THEN the Canadian mounties would come looking for you….as father would say – it is like beating your head with a hammer – when it is over it is SOOO WONDERFUL….and many a time we came a gnat’s breath from death…but you see…father NEVER HAD that in his mind…he was just one of those rare men WHO BELIEVED …….

BUT I AM so glad for those canoe trips, as I am TOTALLY for Transformation – it without a doubt in my mind IS THE BEST and MOST IMPORTANT thing one can do for themselves AT any Age one is in at their life – as we had people from 16 to 63….

the love and JOY that EXISTS that is created…is TOTALLY mind blowing….

OK OK – enough about this FABULOUS EXPERIENCE….

but…I can still see their eyes…their souls are buned into mine ……

and all of these names are fictitious:

extremely sensitive Beautiful Mandy…(she reminds me of myself BEFORE this experience..sensitive..wanting the BEST but stuck in the PAST)._…. a beautiful mother with am Electric son – Simon u got it…..!!!

– Rozzie n Coleen (such STRONG women..shit I LOVE em to death n am trying to be MORE like them )… –

Avie (the NEXT Prime Minister)… –

JJ ..(such an unbelievably sensitive guy with his Mohawk..love him!! ) –

Mark..who seemed to be TOOO STRAIGHT TO ME…but is REALLY such a sensitive Wonderful guy..n has a beautiful feminine side…that he became aware of …during this wonderfiul experience….

– Mona (so soo!! beautiful n sensitive ) – someone who HAD not realized her inner beauty

Judith -she was born Totally Physically Beautiful…she just has not taken hold of her OWN LIFE…. her bro Justin is the same way..Judith you told someone that you were born “privileged” …well WE ALL were…..yes I KNOW it was financially that you were talking about..but that is a curse in some respects…

… – Carmen (shit I love that woman!!! such DEEP loving waters there ) – Christoph ( I have always loved u n glad to see u drop ur black shield) – Simon with his drop-assed pants …..extreme sensitivity – – Mathew with his Persian cigarettes – Ben with the history of his father whom I would like to hear more about – ,Akram – who changed literally before our eyes as did Mathew (puff- puff) – Kami (a wonderfully warm beautiful man) – and the wonderful -wonderful woman Monet whose life has been tattooed on her body up until today..Monet I REALLY want to see ALL of your tattooes .,n m gay so no worries there…….Rob n Irma – Rob had such anger – which dissipated as time went on – and I think began to realize HOW beautiful his wife Irma IS – as she finally has come into her realization of her BEAUTY!!!!! Stephen you are such a wonderful man…just accept your stutter – n move beyond it!!! as your know NOW you can……it ONLY bothers YOU…..

n I apologize to those I have left out…..love u all!!!

and I am NOT taking “Leadership” or “Mastery”…as Transformation TOTALLY got me to the place I want to be at….where I go out and experience something different every day and GIVE MORE BACK to people …. am going to stay in touch with you for the rest of my life……whether u like it or NOT…….

I realize it was my father from whom my problems start from (I really did NOT realize this until these seminars) -n my mom didn’t help with her NOT being a STRONG women).

STRONG WOMEN have always been my favorite people since seeing Sophia Loren in ..I think it was called “Two Women”…a movie where she and I think her daughter were raped in a Cathedral during WWII …it makes me IMMEDIATELY think of Colleen and Rozzie…….(only if you were in the same situation ….)

BUT HEY HEY…it was NOT their fault (my parents) ..as they LOVED me

….. one has to realize that my fathers parents…when their chauffeured car ran into a gas truck due to electric wires down across a highway in Florida . where they wintered – back in 34ish …… were burnt to death…..back when Dad was a sophomore in college ..

he .married n then went into WWII …………………… that period right after the war.for people to go through …guess what I m saying / as Sam did …LOVE your parents ALWAYS…..as they come from what THEY KNOW …and give you the love that they understand to be the BEST…..

and for all of you WHO have not experienced the seminars I have just taken ..NO matter WHAT age your are …..YOU must…it is a gift ONLY YOU can give yourself and your partner!!!! and this is something I have NEVER told anyone ..or will EVER again…it is just a gift you owe yourself…..

this is CEC’s web: http://cecseminars.com/

I apologize for those in their “comfort zone”..as i took me year to get there…it is just that I realized AFTER FINALLY BEING IN my comfort zone

…it was NOT challenging- it was boring…so I took a step that would challenge me …and I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am now……


Love you all!!!

Keep the Fire lit and the Dance Going!!

Rob aka Robby aka Mummy

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