Wednesday’s Child….

May 15, 2010

Since I went through those CEC seminars….that thankfully one of my best friends – Michelle got me into………I make a point of saying HELLO to everyone I meet on the street (well sidewalk)

As I went up tonight to my fave Thai restaurant “Galanga” in West Hollywood..

most everyone I encountered looked at the ground and not at me in passing……except one wonderful Russian couple.(.well he was looking at the ground) …she looked DIRECTLY at me…her lips were BRIGHTLY painted RED…like she had just done it for their evening stroll….I said “HELLO”…she looking directly ..smiled at me and said “HELLO”….(another of my WTF STRONG women!!) it put a smile on my face…..

when I got to Galanga …my fave waiter Sean WAS there … we have chatted about each others lives since I have been going there ….he is a wonderful HARD working guy..

I asked him how he felt about Thailand now…what with the “Red Shirts” rebellion going on …

…..he – a humble man of few words – said it was an awful situation….that Thaksin Shinawatra – was paying the “Red Shirts” – and if they were killed he would pay their families more baht.(sp?) …

Thaksin was the Prime Minister from 01-06 but was ousted after his family sold their extremely wealthy telecom company “Shin Corp” to Singapore for billions of dollars without paying any taxes or giving anything to Thailand…but Thaksin is EXTREMELY popular among the very poor and illiterate – well in Thailand there is no middle class so you belong to one or the other…as he introduced health insurance for the poor…..and is VERY loved by them…as they NEVER have had anything done for them……

I asked if the King – who is soo loved by all of the Thai people would or should become involved…

Sean said ….”well the king NEVER is supposed to enter into political things….like the Queen of England…and Rob he is also quite old… it really is NOT HIS place…..”

I asked Sean how the restaurant was doing…he said business was down…

when I entered there were two Sheriffs eating…as time went on a guy with shaved head and MANY tats n piercings came in…ate alone…and then three Fire Dept guys/one girl came in…..

I as usual became TOO Barbara WaWa after a few glasses of vino….Sean’s older sister is married to a wonderful “Caucasian” French man and lives in Paris…..who “is nice” to all of Sean’s family……but their business is not doing that well ..(I asked what it was…n due to MY language diffs…think it is an IT type thing)

.as his parent’s business is not doing well also…in Bangkok …they sew jeans together….I said well just keep them away from those pots that “distress” jeans as I hear they are extremely toxic…..he said oh no they just sew jeans together…..

I asked him how many were in his family…he said 3 – two girls and he….he said he was

“Wednesday’s Child”….I said I do NOT understand…

he said “well it is an American thing…I think.. BUT NOT TRUE about me…..”

and then in the back of my mind there was something that said that the 3rd child (Wednesday’s) was a child of woe…n I don’t know where that comes from..a song I think..will have to Google it…

I was going to ask about his love life…but felt I had encroached too far on his life already…as I realized that EVERYONE was staring at me…..when we got into Thai politics (sigh!!!!)

I started today…by helping at the Shredding and Ewaste Affair at City Hall … really was QUITE WONDERFUL…..(n this is frankly due to the CEC Seminars give BACK to the community one is in

tomorrow m involved in “Sweep The Streets” event in my Melrose Village…..)

but WHAT was soo soo wonderful this morn was to see all of these people bringing their ewaste …….. and old docs to be shredded …n ESPECIALLY for them to have … the ability to watch their old documents shredded before their eyes………..I have NEVER before in my life seen people SOO SOO HAPPY ….but TOTALLY understand it as I had saved my old tax records…until the City did it for the first time last year….

I – in this event was at the end of the line….to hand out info about WHERE to dispose of toxic waste etc.. and to thank them for coming …….so I got to hear what they all said ….EVERYONE was just so soo APPRECIATIVE …..some wondered when the next event would be held…

.one gorgeous black man in a BMW SUV-type car said “HEY Man..this is wonderful – I just got rid of 20 years of records – so you won’t see me back her for another 20……”

he drove off …as the sun sparkled off of his diamond encircled Rolex….

n I smiling …….picked up some more fliers

One Response to “Wednesday’s Child….”

  1. Carmenita Nunley said

    I so enjoy reading your blogs about life. Knowing the process of Discovery/Transformation and how it has, also changed the way I look at and participate in life, you have truly encouraged me to be true to my feelings. It is the little things that we over look, that I now, stop and take pleasure in, simple relationships, moments of silence, my role in situations and just being in the moment… I miss your pleasant smile. Thanks

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