THE Magic ONE Person Can Make In Your Life….

May 29, 2010

I was just listening to Antonio Castillo De La Gala….playing “Somewhere In Time”….

my mind wandered back to my young age…where my mother would take me to different piano players…as it was a passion that unfortunately I did NOT have the talent for….in my mind I DID though….

the same is true of in my mind I COULD have been a FABULOUS ballet dancer…but back in the 50’s my father would have laughed at me and mum….but it is a BIG regret when I look back across the landscape of my life….

will never forget one piano teacher in Georgetown…..who was brilliant…but when Mom saw that he taught me in his pajamas …MAN I have NEVER been pulled so fast out of ANYWHERE in my Life

….took me MANY years to realize why she did it … but he really was a nice man…and never did anything wrong except cough a lot as he smoked while he taught me “Fur Elise”….with the metronome ticking and tocking and driving me crazy…..

THIS all brought back the memory of Lang Lang..the brilliant Chinese pianist playing Mozart’s “Piano Sonata No 13 in B flat major”……in the Fabulous Royce Hall at UCLA

would I have EVER been able to hear him play if David Sefton

(who has just been dumped for economic reasons as his vision of the International Festival he started 10 years ago does not fit UCLA’s budget).

…not included him in his International Festival at UCLA Live……that year…..


this all brings my mind back to my Grand Aunt Mary…who was one of the last totally “privileged” (man I HATE that word”) women I have had the fortune to know

– I mean she grew up back when the Astors and Vanderbilts were alive – she was a direct descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence – and I won’t go into detail as her daughter my Aunt Mimi is sitll alive – 96 this year….but Aunt Mary had 4 houses – well two floors in a co-op in NYC on E 77th St….a …what was considered back then a mansion in Palm Beach….a house in St Paul MN – there was even a marble ballroom where Mom danced the “Black Bottom” and Charleston back in her teens – and probably the first lift built in a house back then….the walls were imported from a French Chateau…and then there was her house in Northern Wisconsin….she owned like 1/4 of the the lake – which is going to the National Parks on Aunt Mimi’s demise…

Aunt Mary had her own dairy – Swiss cows..with the softest of ears..the cream that she had made ..well was so thick you had to ladle it onto your strawberries or cereal ..she had 3 greenhouses – a bowling green – a tennis court…2 vegetable and flower gardens…..a two story boat house on the lake – where she painted in oil on the top of it…..a stable with her chauffeur’s quarters in it besides 3 houses on that property… being for her maids…she created a walk in doll house off in the woods with specially made child size Tiffany Silver and Meissen china made for her only child Aunt Mimi…….there also is a 4 story actual size doll house – which has plumbing that worked…you could turn on the miniature spigots…and flush the miniature toilets…. Aunt Mary loved using tweezers and changing the flowers in the doll house ..besides doing the miniature paintings that hung there….

she did not think of herself as rich…it was just the way life was for her…ever since she was born….

but for this small child…she created MAGIC…as she had Treasure Hunts for my sister and myself … would follow a string through the pachysandra….past the “Toad’s Stump” and would find magical presents…..

Memories ARE such an IMPORTANT part of my life …as they bring sadness, madness, and happiness to me….

But if we do not have someone like my Aunt Mary and David Sefton who can create Magic …someone who creates dreams…..what happens to our lives……

One Response to “THE Magic ONE Person Can Make In Your Life….”

  1. merle mullin said

    Lovely story……The Los Angeles Opera, San Francisco Opera, Metropolitan Opera, the Mark Taper theater, the Ahmanson theatre, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Disney Hall, along with most of the Arts, ALL require financial subsidizing in order to bring music, dance, theatre and culture into our lives.
    My husband, Peter, as Chairman of the Music Center Foundation, an entity that raises money for programs at The Music Center, is very familiar with the budgeting problems of the resident companies there, as ticket prices simply cannot support the cost of great theater, dance and music.
    Think what will happen to our lives, our society if all such programs are dropped, one by one, as budgets are not met.
    Newspapers are disappearing.
    Good bookstores are disappearing.
    The Arts are disappearing.
    Art and music programs are disappearing from the public school curriculum
    Soon we will be reduced to watching attractive television non-journalists in strapless tops, reading sensational news sound bites to us, reading books on Kindles, listening to I Tunes pop music, to desperately searching for signs of intelligent life on television, and to tapping away at Blackberries, computers and I pads.
    Our grandchildren will say “WHO is Shakespeare, who is Renee Fleming, who is Alvin Ailey, who is Wagner? Who is Mozart?” They will say, “What IS opera? What IS ballet?
    Is it too grand to think that one day our government will be willing to sustain culture in our world?
    Your touching memories drive the point home.

    Thank you for sharing them,

    Merle Mullin
    (Recently former) Board Member, Royce Center Circle

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