“You are totally capable of Creating your Entire Reality, but you are also capable of Destroying Everything……”

June 4, 2010

the strikingly exotic Paz de la Huerta (star of the upcoming HBO “Boardwalk Empire”)…..is told by her astrologer…

she is one of those strong young women that I admire…she has more balls than a lot of men or women her age…..she is 25…..she ‘”excels at creating, and causing drama.” acc to the New York mag….

like Lady Gaga…..she is TOTALLY UNIQUE….

I am such a pro-feminist man…..

I dined tonight at one of my fave restaurants in my hood “Angeli Cafe” ….run by gays – but patronized by totally straights….when I entered early at 6 – there was a beautiful blonde with two toe heads – (and going by my gorgeous Grand Nephs)….. one of probably 1 year in a stroller and one of probably 2 plus in a high chair..

.she had also ordered for her husband who after 20 minutes was nowhere in sight – she had ordered him the clams vongole…..which when the two year old grabbed one of the clams….the waiter rushed over to say – that is kind of spicy – and he might NOT like it…so she said “HOT” …for “Daddy” …well Daddy FINALLY arrived and looked kind of exhausted….unleashed the two year old from the high chair…who IMMEDIATELY darted out of the room …she immediately ran after him – Daddy was more involved with the Chardonnay she had ordered for him….

She came back and put 2 plus in his high chair…Daddy’s cell rang…..

an elderly Russian couple entered on their canes …and were seated against the wall …

Daddy left the room with his cell …and well did not come back for 15 minutes …before which she asked the waiter for the bill and to box everything up….

she was not cross with her husband …though I WOULD HAVE thrown the high chair at him……she just acquiesced…..for reasons unknown to me …

I saw the movie “Get Him To The Greek” …which I thought I would not like…as one of the producers is Judd Aptatow …whose movies I have not been crazy about ..but I have always admired Russel Brand’s quirky ways……it got a terrible review in the LA Times …but a marvelous one in the NY Times…..I frankly loved it …it is not much of a story ….but brings back memories of the 70’s and 80’s of what a rock star’s life was back then (tho it is set in the present)… I found myself laughing quite a bit…and was amazed that the theatre was basically full of women …who tho younger than me …seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did….. (the LA Times had said it was a “man’s” movie”)

Tomorrow I am having 10 people over for pizza ..to play Charades…well I must get this from my mother or Great Aunt Mary…..as I have put out the family silver…the linen napkins..place card……(everything but the finger bowls)……my Dining Room is basically the loft space that was created to look down over the living room …

I found 8 years ago this wonderful Crystal Chandelier that use to hang in a townhouse in Manhattan back in the 1870’s …when I bought it ..it had been electrified…(which I stripped it of)…..it still had remnants of wax…on the crystals…..

will turn down the lights and put tons of candles out ….Del Mar’s Hollow Beeswax that Aunt Betty use to send my Mum every Christmas…(they are still in existence….and THE BEST)

I use to be VERY nervous about having dinner parties on my own…as I use to feel inadequate ….but after my CEC seminars….I FINALLY realized…WTF…I am NO different..

well yes I am ..that is WHY I CAN CREATE my OWN REALITY …as EVERYONE CAN!!!!!

Keep the Dance Going and the Fire Lit!!!!!

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