Good People…!!!!

June 18, 2010

A “Good Person” for me is someone who CARES about Others..Their Life ..and the Environment …not caught in a web of self pity where they expect others to haul them out of their depth..

Well of course my first “Good Person” would be my mother….who – supported me in all times – and shocked me ….one day when we swam back from Champagne Island

….and we were sunning ourselves on the dock of our summer home at Burgundy Point on Lake Namekagon.. I think I was 21….

as she unsnapped her bathing cap..she said “Robby Tell Me About YOUR LIFE…” and I said meekly “Everything???”….she said YES ….

well I told her I was Gay – which had been a BIG problem for me ( this is back in the 60’s) ….as my Dad was an Army type – and told us years before how during WWII how he kicked out of his upper bunk in an Army train…winding its way through Austria…..a guy who tried to come on to him…and tried to crawl into his bunk and Dad kicked him to the floor….

Mother was NOT at all surprised as she always knew I was gay….and thought I had had an affair before I actually did…..

She said she felt so chic having a gay son…..

well needlessly to say we became like bosom buddies for the rest of her life….

yet I would lose my patience with her at times in the later part of her life….like when we were at the Sherry Netherlands Hotel in the NYC Suite that Ginny Binger (Minnesota Mining) owned …

.I was exhausted …she was on her cane….and we had just arrived to turn around and go out to the Village Vanguard …for a Jazz show…she asked me to reach into her dresser and gvie her “taupe” hose..well I thought I found one that I thought would fit the bill among the millions of hose she brought for a 4 day weekend….

gave it to her…she glanced at it and said “This is NOT TAUPE”….and Mother was supposed to be blind in one eye…I muttered a few swear words under my breath …and then dumped the whole drawer on her …she said “AHH ..this is the One….thank you…”

I sighed and went to the Binger’s kitchen and poured myself a beer…..

and I will never EVER forget her stamina in London…when we left Ronnie Scott’s in Soho….but no Black n White cabs were running at 3 AM…so we walked back 3 miles to our hotel ….in Mayfair…..we were at Piccadilly Circus…..and there was this group of skin heads…one thought it would be fun pushing an old woman into oncoming traffic….

she stood her ground and merely took her cane and whacked the skin head in the balls…he HOWLED ….n .they all dispersed…..and man was I soo soo Proud of her ……

Mom/Mother is one of my “good people”…as she cared MORE about others and life than about herself….

There ARE a few more…”Good People” in my Life….will tell you about them in the future…

Just C.A.R.E. about others more than yourself….and you will have solved one of Life’s major problems…

One Response to “Good People…!!!!”

  1. daidie said

    Hi lovie – this is beautiful – CARING is so impt – thank you for articulating this. Love you see you soon xxd

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