The Fourth of July …brings back so many warm memories…I shared time with a wonderful Friend

July 4, 2010

I just spent the most delectable afternoon with my Indian Roommate – of two roommates ago …Anand…a truly wonderful man!!!!

We went to the Belvedere Restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel…..a true hidden Beverly Hills ..(our favorite is the Bel Air which is closed for two years)……..

that has a jazz band playing on Sunday brunch…..

and were seated in the garden….

a couple arrived after we did and sat across from us with their 10 month old daughter…..the man is Jewish and from California …balding and dyed hair in his probably early 50’s ..Victoria…is blonde from the her early 30’s…..

..and he immediately started to ask us about the Russian community here in LA….I told him all I knew was that there is a large Russian community in West Hollywood….and told him about the gorgeous blonde girl I work for at City Hall…who is from the Ukraine….named Mila..

I sort of found it odd that he wanted to talk to us…..had the feeling that she was the “trophy” wife…that he felt he could not get in the US…..and that he really did not know how to communicate with her …except by having their daughter… at one point he left with Elizabeth the daughter….and Victoria for the first time took off her sun glasses to talk to Anand and me… was like she needed them on when he was around….

…they live in Fresno now but are thinking of relocating….he asked Anand about a business he was thinking of starting in training people in call centers in India and China…on how to deal with people who live in the US…I said ..well I think that HAS been done….Indians and Chinese are not ignorant…..when money is involved ANYONE learns the social skills that are needed….

Anand and I had not seen each other for like 6 months…..he has matured so much in those 6 months…as back when he first moved in he shared his awkward social moments…which ..well when you are in your early twenties …think that ONLY YOU experience the awkwardness of dating…..rather than it is a stage of Life that everyone goes through……

I truly admire him…he is happy with his new job at Napster…but is thinking of getting his business degree… at Harvard…..

I told him that he Will Accomplish ANYTHING that he sets his mind to he is quite brilliant….that only being lazy will prevent it from happening…..

I see him living in Bel Air with his wife and 3 children and look forward to visiting them for a Sunday brunch on the lawn that stretches down to their pool……

I told him about my new roommate Maria….and how SHE JUST KNOWS…what she wants…and I KNOW SHE WILL accomplish it…..she has an interview at the Getty that I KNOW she will get……

we will get together for brunch some Sunday down the road with my dear friend Michelle who …well she is the one that is like from a Greek myth…she cannot help but tell the TRUTH….it is an amazing thing to behold…as I have never in my 64 years EVER experienced someone like her… is VERY refreshing….she could NEVER be a politician………

Have a Wonderful Fourth…keep the fire lit and the dance going!!!

Love you!!

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