“he took a lethal dose of rat poison and pills in an empty trailer at a lumberyard”

July 24, 2010

Chris Kelly did according to an article in the current New Yorker….

he was Rod Blagojevich’s (the ex-Govenor of Illinois) campaign-finance chairman and had made millions from city projects….with the construction company he owned….thanks to Blagojevich

WHY oh WHY are MOST people NOT satisfied with what they have…..and yet I have to admit I was conditioned to race for MORE…to ACHIEVE MORE…to make MORE money than my peers…to be BETTER than my friends……


I realize this NOW…..in this chapter of my life…..

I don’t know if it is AMERICANS only that are pushed to constantly ACHIEVE MORE….whether it is a religious thing…an ethnic thing….

ALL I KNOW is it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to sit back…to REALLY LOVE yourself and the Life you have…..and to give to others as much as you can…

while so many many people race toward something TOTALLY unattainable…..as they are UNAWARE…that they ALREADY HAVE IT ……

you see the Tortoise ALWAYS KNEW….whereas the Starbucked -up Hare was too young and clueless …

so keep the fire lit and the dance going….

but DO stop for a LONG moment to gaze into the glowing embers of your Life…….and a smile will start forming on your lips….and you will get back up and start dancing EXUBERANTLY !!!!

I Promise You!!!

One Response to ““he took a lethal dose of rat poison and pills in an empty trailer at a lumberyard””

  1. Michael Paige said

    Good points to remember. I have achieved a lot but need a mid level job to pay the bills and have enough for savings.

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