September 17, 2010

raft drifting lazily down the river

casually bouncing off the sides

two women and myself

suddenly sucked into the vortex of the rapids

adrenalin sets in

a battle for our lives

white water subsides into a frothy tranquil pool

life’s wine is shared

K’s electric intensity relaxes

a warm enveloping smile breaks through

M’s blood red lips laugh at the absurdity

of the drift…….

2 Responses to “drifting”

  1. ricci said

    nice images, nice flow of words, Rob! keep it up!

    I see you in a writing class. Call the English Department of your local college and tell them you want to sign up for a writing class…the members of the group will become like another support system to/for you…better than therapy!

  2. daidie said

    I agree with Rick, Rob – and good for you – you’ve never (that I’ve seen) written poetry – and you write really well and evocatively. I think a writing class – for the community and feedback they provide – would really be worth looking into – either that or a writing group – both have been helpful to me. xxd

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