n be allowed to collect them WHEN they Graduate from College…………..

n then maybe a year or two later be allowed to have two balls…..this will be decided by a group of 5 women and 2 gay men….tho they might decide to hold back one ball…….to be awarded later like when they turn like  64….when it is almost pointless………
I HAVE NEVER had such an infuriating weekend!!!….I HATED the movie 172 or was it 127  Hours….I guess it was brilliant…as I was physically immobilized by it…my heart raced like Hell and I  sweat-ed so profusely that my hair was wet….I wanted to flee the theatre but felt if I stood up I would fall down…..and this was all in a period of a minute….and it was NOT the blood when he cuts off his arm…but the claustrophobia of the space he was in ….the strobe photography ….the music….I just HATED it..
“Colored Girls” tho was just Brilliant….Tyler Perry is a genius…I have always LOVED his sense of humor…… but this movie is soo right on…..he HAS to win an Oscar for this one..
.. I wonder what Ntozake Shange (pronounced N-toe-ZAHK-kay    SHONG-gay) thinks of the movie……she suffered a “disabling stroke 6 years ago” acc to the New Yorker….
she was born Paulette L  Willaims in  1948 ..in NJ to an “upper-middle class family”…she endured racism in St Louis….her parents knew Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Chuck Berry and W. E. B. Du Bois…who were regulars at their house…
.she returned to NJ when she was 13 and went on to  Barnard College where she graduated Cum Laude….n then earned a Masters Degree  in the same field at UCLA
but her college years were (acc to Wikipedia) ” not all pleasant.  She married during her first year in college, but the marriage did not last long.   Depressed over her separation with a strong sense of bitterness and alienation Shange attempted suicide.  In 1971, having come to terms with her depression and alienation, Shange changed her name.  Ntozake means she who comes with her own things (literally things that belong to her in Xhosa)…and shange means she who walks like a lion
I saw this movie after reading an article on the 4th page of the New York Times today  that was titled “600 Raped On Border Of Congo, U.N. Says”……I mean FUCK….women are …have ALWAYS been just treated like Kleenex…..all of these fucking men could care LESS …the psychological trauma they cause much less the Physical damage they do….
n then read “Machete” in the New York mag..about a 3 year old  child Mohamed in Sierra Leone…whose father n mother  grabbed him when  he ran ” inside screaming in pain…his right arm dangling beside him, the bottom half of it twisted, his forearm facing the wrong direction….” word of the rebels arriving had not spread through the village….they eventually were able to flee to Guinea which took 2 weeks by foot….the father eventually was able to get to New York….where he worked his ass off….living in one room with many  fellow Fulani’s …..he was a devout Muslim…..and saved enough after 2 years to have his family come over  in 2002  –  his son Mohamed, his daughter and his wife…to live with him in his one room flat…..
on June 19th 2001 Mohamed was murdered by kids that were envious of his clothing…and started a fight with he and his cousin….his cousin fled but Mohamed did not and was killed by a machete…..what he would have been killed by …..years ago in Sierra Leone if his father and mother had not gathered he and his sister and fled…
his parents are basket cases today…..as psychologically they cannot get past their fear of other humans..
I don’t know why WOMEN  in Africa don’t rise up and  form a group  REBELLING  against these ass-holes….get em drunk n then slit their throats…..especially those who rape children…
read the article in this last weeks New Yorker (Nov 8th)….. about Shange….
the article goes on to explain the title:
” driving along Highway 101 one morning, she found herself passing  beneath the arc of a double rainbow.  Seeing the entire rainbow take shape above her, Shange realized that she wanted to live, that she had to live; she had something to say, not only about the fragility of her own existence but about the lives of the other colored girls she knew and loved and imagined.  “In that moment of seeing the double rainbow,” she told me, “I felt connected to the delicacy and IRREPRESSIBLE MAJESTY OF LIFE” “

So you women with young sons…take away their penises until …YOU KNOW  that they will not cause ANY damage…..
WOMEN I TOTALLY LOVE you ….n my male friends can just go and try to jack off……
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