You are a WINNER…have always been … and will Always BE!!!

December 4, 2010

I WAS not going to put up my Christmas tree  this year as my wonderful roommate Maria is leaving on the 16th for home – Bulgaria before her 2 year commitment to teaching Italian  in Qatar…which just got awarded the 2022 FIFA World Cup Championship….


but I decided today..Hell put the damn tree up…I went through years of “Live” trees,…which sit on my patio now as they are too LARGE to get through the door… living room ceiling is two stories tall…so I need a TALL but skinny tree….I found one 4 years ago on line…artificial…which I hauled out and decorated today….
I will TRULY miss Maria…as she is one of a kind…besides being EXTREMELY Beautiful …she is equally very humble….and extremely sensitive.
… she is the first Genius I have ever met…..and I realized being a genius is totally as normal to her as my being able to ride a bike….
what I am saying …we ALL have talents…that we are not aware of…..that we take for granted….
but DO believe …as much as you want to put yourself down…YOU have something no one else does  …
YOU  ADD  to LIFE …something that no one else can….which YOU are TOTALLY unaware of….
the main thing I love about Maria…is her Directness – her honesty…at times you might ask a question…and you can see the thought process go on behind those Brilliant Beautiful Brown eyes….and then the answer comes shooting out….it is always Yes or No…nothing in between …she has an honest direct answer…that I wish I had had at her age…and that I wish my lovers had back in the day…..
we will be friends for the rest of our lives ….I cannot wait to go to her wedding …and then to see her kids growing up….
so LOVE yourself ….knowing that NO ONE except YOU has the gift of LIFE that YOU have…….
You ARE a WINNER!!!!!

One Response to “You are a WINNER…have always been … and will Always BE!!!”

  1. daidie said

    R – I hope you are saving these (I guess they’re automatically saved by blog) so you can publish a book some day of inspirational and uplifting pieces. These are always so heartwarming and full of gems to live by. Thank you dearest Rob – you bring inspiration to so many of us – (Including T and F who are absolutely OBSESSED with you) xx your lucky sister xx

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