Brown Rice!!??? A Monk For Seven Days!!! White Rice???

January 29, 2011

I just came back from my Favorite Thai Restaurant –  Galanga…..just  3 blocks away..after being away for 6 weeks….

The owner ..Thanked me for my Christmas Tip to her and the staff…which blew me away….as I forgot about it and Never expect to be Thanked for a kindness….that is owed…
Sean – my fave waiter  said “where have you been – it has been like 2 months”…..
I asked him about the other Thai restaurant he worked for …in Hermosa Beach…..which he had told me a long time ago was being TOTALLY mismanaged by the owner’s wife…..she was had married a rich man and her husband had given her this to keep her busy….anyway it folded so he no longer worked there..
but he said Rob I am going back to Bangkok  for 4-6 weeks ….in May…before the rainy season – and my sister who lives in France is coming…so the whole family will be there…and I am becoming a monk for a week to  10 days…so my mother goes automatically to Heaven……
I said you can become a monk for ONLY a week and your mother goes to Heaven….he said yes…I said your mother would go to Heaven anyway…he said ..well – this way it guarantees it …he said …she is a more modern woman …and has told me that I really do not need to do it….but I told her I want to…..
I said Sean…you always seem so calm and Buddhist like …I feel you are already a monk…he said yes Rob other people have said that…and I don’t know why….but I am just the person that I am…by the way he just turned 30
I said well do you ever get into physical fights ??
well I calm myself down mentally and try to get through it vocally….but if they cross the line and begin to hit me ..well naturally I hit back…but that has only happened to me once and that was in Thailand….
he said now what do you want to eat…I told him for the main course the spicey grean beans…and with his wisdom to choose a starter for me…he said well you do not need a heavy starter….in order to enjoy your spicey grean beans with chicken….
he disappeared into the kitchen …
came back and asked me if I liked Shrimp or Squid….I said oh you choose for me…he said NO ..I reduced it to TWO choices …so NOW YOU have to decide…..
I cannot wait to see him when He comes Back from Thailand…and am going to get his email address to stay in contact as he is a Keeper.. a rare – wise  man….like my dear friend Michelle – a more dramatic wise woman…..they both were born out of the same Blessed Cosmic Storm….
after he had served me my mains ..he said YOU like Brown rice??? as you usually order white….he said well brown is supposed to be better than white as it is good for diabetes and high blood pressure…but he said I and everyone in Thailand prefer White Rice…as it tastes better…..I frankly have NEVER eaten it without some condiment so have to try it naked…
I always leave Galanga feeling VERY HAPPY….a smile on my lips …and a new thought in my ever expanding mind…..

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