You ARE Wonderful…NEVER Forget It!!!!!

February 12, 2011

i just came back my Thai restaurant…..

and am always humbled by talking to Sean…”humbled” I don’t think is in the vocabulary of most..

but there is just something about the man’s journey….his becoming a monk ..when he goes home to Thailand his mother goes to Heaven…

he is TOTALLY selfless and has taught me a lot about my LIFE.. (unintentionally)… be more introspective…n giving to others..and NOT act out of the current Social Vogue or personal funk I might be in….

…to just BE myself…which can be so hard in this world…..

I think I ruined a Valentines date …unintentionally .. they both were in their 20’s…and Jewish…..sat at the next table to mine….

well after hearing their banter….an hour later …and they were about to leave…I apologized for interrupting their conversation …

and asked them What they felt Israel’s response to the Egyptian Revolution to them  was…as Israel did NOT verbalize  the “democratic” support that Obama did…..

well the girl…said I do not know politics or talk about it…(she was Gorgeous!!!!)…of course he launched into a platform that was totally understandable….and then I asked WHY do you think the state of Israel was established by the UN…(or whatever body that did it) in an area where the Jews were totally hated…in a Muslim area….

and then I asked him why was it that Muslims and Homosexuals are the only two groups that one can publicly Hate today..

well she grabbed her purse and said we have to goooooo….

I loved Bill Mahr’s show last night….

a wonderful Scholar – Cornel West was on it…I just love seeing him …as he is SOO Wise!!!

they were talking about Life..about drugs..about alcoholism…just basically what one gets into when one is young…and can continue until one finally LOVES themself…..

Cornel said “I DON’T believe in Optimism… is too thin…I AM a prisoner of HOPE!!!….you gotta Go Down…In Order to Come UP…N You COME UP FULL OF HOPE n NOT optimism”

he was asked by Mahr what he felt about the recent re-writing of Mark Twain’s book …taking out “Nigger Jim” n changing it to “Slave Jim”….

Cornel said he was appalled ….”Why deodorize the funk in his Classic….Mark Twain was not an Imperialist nor a racist”…..

I love that man…someone I would love to have dinner with….

Give as much Love and Understanding ….. as you can to a stranger….this week…as it WILL reverberate  Around the Globe



3 Responses to “You ARE Wonderful…NEVER Forget It!!!!!”

  1. daidie said

    Lovie – that is so beautiful! Each little encounter – a gem! And Cornel West is great. You have so much packed into one or two pages – humanity/spirituality/politics/literature/ethnicity etc. etc. A day in the life of Rob. Can’t wait to see you xxd

  2. ricci said

    Another great evening out! Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you! Rob, do yourself a favor and take yourself and a friend ot two to see The Fleet Foxes at the Hollywod Paladium on May 7, 2011. We will be seeing them on May 3 here in Seattle. My friend Chris Addison — who recently attended Flo Gibson’s memorial service for us at the StA Chapel — will be attending their show May 15 in D.C. at the DAR Constitution Hall. If you love enthusiastic, joy-filled music that is 6 men singing 4-5 part harmony a la Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young — or The Byrds — this group out of Seattle is a must-see. Treat yo-self! Make sure you buy tickets as close to the stage as possible to be up close to their great instrumentation and joyous exchanges!
    xxxooo Rick

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