Miss Harmnoeggs ..(sigh)…once again

February 18, 2011

the bus seemed to be attracting not only the heat of the sun but all of the bugs that existed in Florida…tho this was Pennsylvania..guess they migrated….

….and there was no wind except from Eyesore’s gas  who was passed out on Great Aunt Claire’s bed….
oh in case u have forgotten:
(now those that do not know…Laiddee is my sister – she is gorgeous – and likes to eat nothing but small bits of weird birds …like bat legs…..and my name is Robbie and I have Lizard Lips…and smoke unfiltered  Lucky Strkes constantly .. I think my mom mated a Simian in Africa or sumplace…as I am  very short and have long arms….and our Mom well she drives a Harley and wears a vagina length leather skirt and she left us with her mom Grannie Toad  – our gran who lives in this rusty bus overlooking the Wathchoutnow River with her brother – our Great  Uncle Desperate and her sister Great Aunt Claire……(we have bunk beds in the back of the bus which get quite smelly on a hot humid nite)….and then there is  Great Aunt Claire’s bear Kodee..and the one eyed donkey Eyesore ……oh enough you will meet them all soon…)

well I kept swatting those darn flies….n it was only like 9 sumthin in the AM…when this rude knock on the bus door reverberated through my Speckled Hen stupor….I put on my Calvin Kleins

(that Grannie Toad had found in a dumpster..n had to clean up abit before giving to me)

and stumbled toward  the door….

someone was knocking quite fierce….

“I said Hold Your Horses”…as I grabbed one of my Lucky Strike Unfiltered Fags…igniting it as I stumbled over one of Laiddees “new Stilletos”….that Grannie had also found in that Pigglee Wiglee Dumpster….the strap was broke…she fixed it with   dental floss…….

all I could think..was WHERE was Laiddee – gonna REALLY beat the shoot out of her….or try to …

I blearily swung opened  the door…only to see Miss Kanwe  Harmnoeggs….whom I had not seen in many a moon ..ever since she came to cite Grannie Toad for the “effluvia” …
SUPPOSEDLY emanating from our bus…

Grannie said it was just a Right Wing Republican conspiracy to cite us for everything and  take AWAY EVERYTHING that us poor people had…. I mean maybe that man with the fake tan in the Senate  should have our bus…so he could REALLY understand LIFE….

I just do not understand politics….I mean we have nothing financially …but are rich in Loving Life …n giving to our friends….

BUT why do the rich want to take AWAYS everything from the poor workers that sew their shirts, take out their trash… I mean for a rational person ..(well I don’t know what “rational” means anymore)…it makes no sense…..

nuff .

well Miss Harmnoeggs …her eyes …were as INTENSELY BRILLIANTLY provocative as the last time I saw her all those months ago…

she merely said where is my assistant OHsusannah????

I blinked …wanting  her in my bunk bed….

n said I don’t kno what u mean……

she said WELL OHsusannah was supposed to be out here checking on your Grannies Toads effluvia…..

I said no Miss Harmnoeggs…we have not seen or known a Miss OHsusannah….

(man did I WANT Harmnoeggs in my bed RIGHT NOW….must be the Full  Moon’s effect)

I said well maybe if she was out here ..she got gassed by Eyesore ….n got sick…..

u know stranger things HAVE happened…..

the next thing I knew was  a  tree limb cracked and Koddee came crashing down…..

Eyesore woke up and bolted  up to the front of the bus……tripping over Laiddee’s stilleto….

(to be continued…)

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