March 6, 2011


WOW!!!  I have fallen in love with the Chateau Marmont…..

Have lived here for 42 years…was there once to visit a writer friend of my first lover Paul Millard – his friend the writer Hagard Wilde was ensconced there working on a screenplay….we visited her VERY small room …but I have never been to the “garden” to eat…went there with my old roommate Anand…the one who is ALWAYS having girlfriend problems….

it truly was wonderful….just because of the international energy that was being emoted…..
I had envisioned the “Garden” as being this long grassy area…very long…sided by towering pine trees…with wicker furniture…and a pool at the end…
well NOT..though it does have wicker furniture but not the white I envisioned
it is basically a tented in courtyard…..
actually I liked it better than I had imagined it  as it was VERY intimate…..
the people were just FASCINATING…
we sat next to a lesbian couple ….and next to two gals and one male who were so pasty that they must have been Brits…
the food is not wildly different but good…the help is wonderfully international……but the ENERGY…is totally mind blowing…..
like one of the two girls on my left…must BE someone as people kept coming up to her and talking to her…..when they served their drink order …they served two bloody marys….the one who was the “star” of the two …said if there is alcohol in one …I do not drink …well both of the drinks had alcohol..so they gave  the second drink to her friend…Anand for some reason picked up on this and said he would pay for it and take it off their hands….they gladly gave him it and said not to worry about the cost…..I realized he was quite into them….
Oh and if you mind smoking …you won’t like it as like Europe and Asia …one can smoke in the “Garden”….smoking usually bothers this reformed smoker …but for some reason for me it just added to the International flavor…..
it is a VERY relaxing and wonderful environment….my favorite has always been the Bel Air…but frankly I think I like this better for people watching and the ENERGY…..I mean the Bel Air is Totally Wonderful…but sort of full of people who ARE established….and content…..and slightly dead energy-wise …..whereas the Chateau has the dynamic Energy of people on the Rise….
Anand said “Rob I really love being with you as you are such a calming influence…..and you always know the BEST places to eat……”
he asked me WHAT to do with this girlfriend who he has had problems with like since he met her….I said “Dump her!!!”  It was meant NEVER to be…Anand there is a girl out there searching for you…WHY do you insist on the ones you cannot have????   …can you imagine what a terrible wife she would be if you could convince her to like you for a nanosecond….???)
he did not say anything….
when we left he thanked the couple next to us almost TOO profusely….as one lent him a cigarette….
as we walked to the car….I said “Well that was a perfect lunch!!!!! and I loved those lesbians giving you their bloody Mary!!!”
he said “they were Lesbians?????!!!!”



2 Responses to “Lesbians????”

  1. daidie said

    Fun to read about CHateau – I keep reading about it in people magazine and the Enquirer – so now I can visualize the scene. When I come down we’ll have to eat there! Love you xxd

  2. David Abernethy said

    This is why I absolutely love Los Angeles!

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