That Unknown Person You Encounter WILL Change your day….

August 26, 2011

When you are in the 3rd chapter of your life…meaning after 60…you do NOT know if there will be a 4th chapter…and it frankly does not matter…
but I find in my 3rd chapter…how thankful I am for the Life  I have been given…and HOW IMPORTANT it is to share it with others…..
and this is an ENERGY…..that cannot be really expressed…..whether you HAVE it or not really does not matter…but if you do ..well you will be much more thankful and humbled…..
like today…
well several weeks ago I bought for $85 a thing or coupon  on Angies List…where this guy would come out and install a keyless garage door opener on the outside of my garage door…so one would not need the remote to open it……………and balance and lubricate my garage door…
the thing as the time came near…I thought why in the F did I do that…as to get into my garage you have to go through the main remote controlled garage gate….and also I have a home insurance policy that covers the garage door if it breaks down I was going to cancel it…but thought..well WHY throw 85 smackers out the window..
so I let it happen…
and “Victor” arrived from Alhambra…a town far  away away from my hood..
but the moment I met him I KNEW he was an honest and good man..
…he looked at the garage door system and said I don’t know if this remoteless will work as your system is kinda old…I said yes …probably 15 years….
anyway he was able to install it…and told me many a story …(I totally LOVE people’s stories)….he noticed my electric bike…and we chatted about it…and then he noticed a more  similar bike behind it…and asked me about it…I said …well that I got for nothing to use for parts…he said are you going to use the back rack????
I said well no…I don’t need another rack as I already have one…..he said Can I Have It???…as I bike to the store and I could put my bags on it…or …he paused and looked at the front of the bike…or I could put it in the front…you know you can..(something that had never or would EVER  enter my mind)……and I could put my dog there…
I said no it is yours…
Well you would think I had given him a million dollars…..
He left practically doing cart wheels……which made me feel SOOO GOOD…
and then my day just got better and better
 …but that is for another blog…..maybe tomorrow if the muses influence me…..

2 Responses to “That Unknown Person You Encounter WILL Change your day….”

  1. daidie said

    How wonderful that you were so generous. And it is a true blessing to share with others – which you, dearest Rob, do CONSTANTLY – with your inspiring blogs, your friendship and caring, with YOURSELF. T and F keep asking, “When is Uncle Rob coming?” Can’t wait xx your sister

  2. xxR:

    YOUR sense of wonder and affection for humanity is a perpetual thanksgiving. Extraordinary events occur because of your open heart and joy in discovery. Your Mother is constantly yelling: WUNNERFUL ROBBIE! from above!

    Those shoulder blades on you- in the fifth chapter those will bloom- into wings. YOU will be the angel that visits and steers and praises…


    xx C

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