I HAVE been Waiting For You…

September 4, 2011

I just talked to one of my best and closest friends…Miss Doris…who is breathing on 82 or is it 83……

I Will NEVER forget the pictures that my Uncle Sumner showed me many years ago…probably like 50 (sigh!!!)…and this was back when I did not know I was gay or that he was…..of Doris…..

I just assumed Doris was his girl friend…he showed the pictures of her mainly because he was showing his house on Castillian..in Los Angeles

that he bought way back then and Doris with her fabulous physique was in most of the pictures….

She at that point had jet black hair and the biggest knockers I had EVER seen…I mean she gave Jane Mansfield a run for her money….(Jane M was an actress who…was decapitated in an accident later…her son has a nursery near where I live…)

Doris and I were talking about ..well ..the instant communication  world we live in….as someone who was texting walked into her car as she was leaving the multi parking structure at the Grove….

and she said all of this,      as I was watching the US Open (tennis)…on TV…and also on my computer where one can live stream any court ….you want to …and also do PIP (picture in picture)…where you can also watch another court…..so  basically you can watch 3 matches…..and if you have a smart phone you can add another…..

so basically I was watching 3 tennis matches at the same time…

we talked about how nothing will go back to the old days before  computers and smart phones….

which is really not a good thing as far as I see….and the reason I say that is that I have had several roommates who were totally socially inept…due to being TOTALLLY plugged into the computer….or their smart phone…..they DO NOT know how to deal with potential girl friends…socializing  or alcohol…….


This weekend turned out sooo wonderfully for me as I got EVERYTHING I had planned accomplished…

replanted all my planters for the fall …(I only have a patio off my townhouse…will video it and send you  it someday)…

I trimmed the Palm tree outside of my bathroom…this is 3 stories up….as when the winds (Santa Anas) start they will scratch the roof above)….

I got some letters written and bday cards done that I was going to put off until tomorrow…..

but what made me the happiest was when I went to Home Depot……was recycling some of those new bulbs….that have mercury in them…and I was there basically to see IF they had the color I like for my planters.. which is Salmon…as I hate Pink and Red….and this is in Impatiens…..and they did so I bought a flat…

and then remembered I had to get a new  filter for my AC/heating system…..

and I can NEVER remember what aisle they keep these filters in…but knew it was way WAY back in a far aisle…..

I turned finally down one….

and this attractive Mexican lady  (I have been corrected that “latins” and “hispanics” are different…as  I have been told “latins” are solely European…whereas hispanics are the rest of us…)

anyway this wonderful Mexican woman  of probably late 30’s or early 40’s…

said “I HAVE been WAITING for YOU”…..

because I was taller than she was..

she said I need that filter up there…well I stretched and reached it…it was a pack of 3….she was holding a single one…

when I brought it down and gave it to her…she said well “What is the difference??”

I said well it IS a pack of 3…made by the same company…but the vents go differently on the 3 pack compared to the single one in your hand…..

she said “Well which w0uld YOU buy…”

I said well…are you sure it is the RIGHT size…as I cannot really remember MY  size…”

she said “NO I know this is the right size…”

and I said well you are supposed to change these every 3 months…though I frankly let them go for  a bit longer ….

but if you have a child or husband who is allergic to dust…pollens …dust mites…you should change them every 3 months..

she said “Oh no…Xavier Sr. and Xavier Jr…and Alex don’t have that problem…..’

“but my niece Esther…has a new  baby…..”

I said then for peace of mind you should buy the 3 pack …as I don’t think …unless you live next door…that you will want to come back in December…..

she laughed ….

WHAT made my day was after she scooped up the 3 pack was her saying

“Thank you …so much for talking to me…as I can never find anyone to help me here……….”

3 Responses to “I HAVE been Waiting For You…”

  1. Lizzie said

    Rob, I love how you capture well these moments with your compassion, humor, and attention to detail! You should have a column in a magazine, or newspaper so more can read your writings!

  2. Why is it that every encounter you have when you step out into the world has a rare magical story? It is so much how you see the world- and YOU being that quality forward in others.

    ” I was waiting for you”- that exclamation is what people experience with you and in the wake of their encounter with you.

    You can enter the palace and the trailer with equal grace.

    My love is yours,

  3. daidie said

    Rob – this is priceless – I adore it. Makes me want to go to home depot – or wherever it was – those chance encounters are such jewels! Love you xxd

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