One Percenters Do So Much For Humanity, The Arts, and the Environment

November 26, 2011

And by One Percent I don’t necessarily mean people with money…

My brother sent me an article about the “Wing House” in Malibu….that Francie Rehwald built from old airplane wings…..

Talk about synergy…it is or was an area that I visited many a time back in the 80’s when it was the artist Tony Duquette’s “Sortilegium” “ranch”… the Mailbu mountains..about 30 minutes from the beach…but with a fabulous view…

Tony and his wonderful wife Beegle created this magical environment….built on mobile houses that you NEVER knew were anything but magical creations….you NEVER had the idea that they were mobile houses….it burnt down in the fires of  1993….as years later the synagogue in SF he bought for his studio burned also…destroying most of his work….

..Tony had a gift for recycling BEFORE it was popular…. I often found him dumpster diving in the early mornings in West Hollywood….what he could do with broken combs and broken mirrors …well was just stunningly amazing….just Google him…he really was – in my eyes not as appreciated as he should have been….he created a dress for his wife made TOTALLY out of paper..for a party that Dodo and Jimmy Pendleton gave…n of course this was before Madonna and Gaga…the dress is AMAZING!!!

.he and Beegle lived across the street from my first lover – Paul Millard on Keith – in what was Norma and Constance Talmadge’s silent screen studio…..a huge warehouse like structure that Tony turned into a magical building…..

and Tony gave GRAND parties…back in the day when Marion Davies, Dorothy Parker, Alan Campbell, Mary Pickford,  Chris Isherwood and Don Bachardy the area

Beegle was an artist student of Tony’s who fell in love with him….and tho Tony was gay they got married…she was someone who was so under appreciated…she painted  wonderful pictures….her monkeys were my favorites…..she was very demure and very I guess insecure….which made me love her more…..when I went to the ranch one time…she took me aside and said “Rob do you want to see my favorite place…” I said “Sure Beegle”…

she took me insider her bedroom to her closet..opened the door……pushed aside the hanging clothes…where there was a window seat….with darkened glass….looking out onto the patio where everyone was congregated….she said “Rob this is where I usually am…during Tony’s parties…”

it was totally enchanting…sitting on that window seat next to all of her hanging  silk and cotton clothes which had their own life…a unique scent…….

Their house in West Hollywood – well actually at the time – in Sherman – a part of LA County – before West Hollywood existed …was totally mind blowing as the old sound stage was turned into one of their living rooms.the ceiling Tony made out of old egg cartons….and the ceiling was like 5 stories if not more above the ground floor….there was a grand staircase that floated up to a totally exotic room that had a stain glass window in it… the far end of the “Living Room” was a stage…where Tony held shows…like Living Art type performances…things you would NEVER see in a theatre…

Tony and Beegle gave many a party here….one that I did not attend but heard about from Paul…Tony had these semi nudes dressed as blackamoors …for a Morrocan themed party…each stationed on different steps of the magical stairs up…..each holding a torch…..

Paul said Marion Davies arrived in a  full floor length white mink coat that trailed behind her…..with her husband Captn Brown…she was Extremely wealthy….due to her relationship with  Hearst…and back when Hearst died was drugged supposedly by Hearst’s wife so she would not attend Randolph’s funeral….

Paul said he really loved Marion…

they inebriatedly (sp?) left Tony’s …

the next thing Paul knew was Marion calling him as Captain Brown had shot at her but missed…..

(I have to say I REALLY prefer Life back then before the Papparazzi…before Twitter…before Face Book…and Cable TV …when you COULD IMAGINE……)

but back to my main point of the One Percenters….and WHY do the 99 Percenters (which I am definitely part of financially …but NOT as far as my BELIEF in Magic..N the unknown)….Why do most of the 99 percenters resent the One Percenters…

I think it is basically jealousy……but would they KNOW what do to with wealth if they all of a sudden came into it….and would they do anything good for humanity…..I don’t know….

I just finished an article in the current New Yorker about Peter Thiel who  is worth Billions due to his founding with his friend Elon Musk …PayPal….and then was the first outsider to invest in Facebook…acc to the New Yorker THAT investment is now worth at least One and a half billion dollars….

he is a TOTALLY fascinating man…whom I do not politically agree with…but do understand his unbelieveable search for what can cure humanity….tho here again I disagree…I DO NOT WANT TO live beyond 100 ….as I would not have the money to and the government certainly won’t have it  to help us

the more robotic devices to replace us men and women that he is searaching for …. will  obviously put MORE of us out of work….

I think the cure for Cancer, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s would be ALL that I would hope for…

Otherwise just let me die the way ..the Power ABOVE us all…God, Allah, or whomever…. meant us to…

I have had such a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend….one event or happening…was standing in line for half an hour at Macy’s buying a gift….the sales woman – well I was just sort of amazed at how UP she was…in helping people…and she looked familiar….when I got up to her…she said “You look SO familiar….”  turns out she was a Stationery Rep and use to visit Elizabeth’s and my shop in Sunset Plaza…she said THAT was such a wonderful time….back int the 80’s..and YOU had one of the BEST shops in Los Angeles…..the best area…and the beat clientele…..”


so I just hope for you …that you can tear yourself away from being Obsessed with the noise  and need of instant communication

ALLOW …. yourself to spend two hours with yourself…as you are a good person……and just relish the time you have with yourself….reading – walking and THINKING  – observing….

You will find yourself …eventually being one of the one percent …. Giving  Back…as Melinda and Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Oprah do

a Smile can mean SOOO much to someone else…..

One Response to “One Percenters Do So Much For Humanity, The Arts, and the Environment”

  1. Jacqueline Overfield said

    What you have written has inspired me beyond belief! I grew up near Sunset Plaza in the 60’s, and the life there was amazing,
    with places like DeVoss and Holly’s Harp, and Wil Wrights
    ice cream parlor!

    Well, you know, it was just like the film “I Love you Alice B. Toklas”
    There was a feeling that we were all One Percenters, and
    just a magical something, that one could do, or be, as creative
    artistically, as the person next to you, and make things out of
    anything you could, especially your imagination!

    Just like that song from the film “The Magic Christian”,
    “Something in the Air”, there really was!

    I understand that change is inevitable, so i am really glad
    that i got to live and experience wonderful music, art and
    poetry of my golden age in Hollywood.

    Your words have given me hope and insight on how to have
    a better outlook that is really in perspective to live in today’s world.
    I keep going back to the past, with music, film, and poetry and

    Thank you, and God bless you!!!

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