A Week With Marilyn…and I am PISSED!!!

December 3, 2011

as I just spent the last  two hours posting and this bloody site …POOF…lost it………pushed the wrong key

it is like for a man..having had sex…it JUST does not happen again for a bit….you just DON’T get another erection in 5 minutes…

so this will be really short…

yes I LOVED Marilyn…as Michelle Williams, who was Heath Ledger’s lover, with  whom she has their daughter … and was  his wife in Brokeback Mountain….just TOTALLY got into the skin of Marilyn…..it made me realize how Marilyn hated the persona of “Marilyn”  that the studios made her play….as she REALLY wanted to be considered a serious actor….

and the difference between “Method Acting” that the Strasbergs (sp?) and the conventional British acting that was occuring back then….

Sorry I just cannot go on…will try tomorrow….

3 Responses to “A Week With Marilyn…and I am PISSED!!!”

  1. Tom said

    Ho, Ho, Rob, I find I’ve got to smile when stuff like that happens to me, since I just can’t capture the mood again, and get it down on paper right. But you write so well, whatever you put down is enlightening. Well, back outside I go to work on the damn break in the water line…

  2. daidie said

    Gosh! Now I’m curious – and certainly want to see that movie. I absolutely HATE computers – they do this all the time. I’ve taken to cutting and pasting continually – esp if it’s long. Love you – take a nap ;-)) xx Daidie

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