Life is holding onto the unabashed Dance and Wisdom of a 4 year old Child….

February 11, 2012

I read an article in “The Guardian”…which was entitled:

“The Right’s Stupidity, Enabled By A Too Polite Left”

it went on to say “Conservatism may be the refuge of the dim.  But the room for right wing ideas is made by those too timid to properly object.”

we for the most part have become too polite...HAVE TO BE TOO politically correct…we have started to become inhuman…..or unhuman… to have lost our balls…as we are trying to be soooo “Fucking Nice”

I just had dinner at one of oldest and closest friends house..the Terry’s ..and man I love em…….with one of my dearest friends….who is a teacher…and I had NO IDEA what teachers face today….as I brought up the recent horrific news stories of the teachers charged with child abuse at Mirramonte School here in LA….

and he said “Robert don’t believe everything you read…as I wouldn’t be surprise if the media was not creating a story to sell..”

he went on to say that his principal told all the teachers that students are told from the beginning that they CAN’T use their cell phones in classes… and if they are found using them teachers are instructed to take them away…

well  (and he teaches at a High School)… he told one kid to put away her cell..she refused …and he told her again…again she refused….so he went over and acted like he was going to take away her phone…she swatted him…..nothing more happened but it blew into an event where upon her mother came in and told him that she was going to sue him and the school system for his physically abusing her child…

which brought in the child welfare agency, the police, and the principal….and this was all for following the principals direction….he said parents have the school system by the balls as at the drop of the had they can threaten a lawsuit……

it is NOT like the good old days in which I was brought up where teachers were revered.(sp?)…..where kids wanted to learn…where one did not have all these  electronic diversions….

I can see why it costs SO MUCH for “education” today….

Kids in the US ….are learning less ….due to their spoiled entitled upbringing…and by “entitled” I am not referring  to wealth….but attitude….

and getting back to the article I was reading…it goes onto to talk of a Canadian study published in “Psychological Science”….

”which revealed that people with conservative beliefs are likely to be of low intelligence.  …..low general intelligence in childhood predicts greater prejudice toward people of different ethnicity or sexuality in adulthood…..Understanding and accepting others – particularly “different” others – requires an enhanced capacity for abstract thinking.”

I found myself totally in agreement …but my fear for the future of education in this country  still exists…

and another factor my teacher friend who teaches at a low income school…..threw into the equation (sp?)  was that ….there was a period …when the drug of choice was crack…and a lot of the kids being taught  today are “crack babies”….whch means in a few year we will have the “meth babies”….

he was asked by one of our hosts Jimmy…if he wanted to stay in teaching …and he said I would LOVE to teach…if I could just honestly TEACH ….with out all of these mental handcuffs I wear every day.. from fear of offending kids or parents….they have way too much control…so he said NO I really cannot teach….I mean…my school has a lot of athletic men that will go onto a college that has asked for them…..and I have been approached by parents saying…..”you don’t want to prevent my child from getting his football scholarship do you…”…and he answers…”you want me to pass your child without his learning Spanish…..”

I am working on story …. trying to relate Shakespeare’s play “Coriolanus” with the political life today…but find myself so fascinated by the power of mothers over their sons…as Volumnia was over Caius Martius (later known as “Corilanus”….. my mother…her mother…and most woman in my life ARE so much more influential than the men in my life ….

I read an article about Edith Wharton in “The New Yorker” written by  Jonathan Franzen…it is Edith Wharton’s  …I think anniversary of  her 150th bday….. as it is the 200th  anniversary of one of my favorite’s Dickens…

Franzen says that “she (Edith) was deeply conservative…she wasn’t pretty… major Armierican novelist has led a more privileged life than Wharton did……”…she would write in “bed after breakfast and tossing the completed pages on the floor to be sorted out and typed up by her secretary…”

Franzen’s main point ..which I found very instructive..was “a fiction writer’s oeuvre is a mirror of the writer’s character.”……….”sympathy, or its absence, is involved in almost every reader’s literary judgments.  Without sympathy ….a work of fiction has a very hard time mattering”

he goes onto say “the mysterious strengths of the novel as an art form from Balzac forward, is how readily readers connect with the financial anxieties of the fictional characters”

and toward the end of this article he says…Despite all her privileges, despite her strenuous socializing, she remained an isolate and a misfit, which is to say, a born writer.”

and to finish this blog…I read an interview this week in “The Guardian” with the actor Ethan Hawke…and he is talking about an actor’s struggle with “Acting”….

he said…”how do you keep your innocence alive?…..How do you keep your sense of romance alive, your sense of joy alive?….(and yet)…….To see the world for what it is……”

I myself believe …we are all faced with different challenges…..but  at the end of the day ONLY WE are in CONTROL  of our life..which means  our destiny…..there are people that can guide us…BUT it is up to follow our honest instincts…..

Simplify your life …and you will find yourself dancing happily in the woods……with the energy my grandnephs have dancing nude with their “frogs”…..

a child can teach you more than you will EVER learn in a self help book…about Love…Freedom…and being Happy!!!!!

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