“Susie Sunshine”

February 23, 2012

What bugs me from last week into this…was the Guardian’s initial (sp?) article of February 14th…

a leak about  “Heartland Institute”….

that was built in 1984….and provides a forum “for climate change sceptics…”..

“the scheme includes spending $100,000 on commissioning an alternative curriculum for school children that will cast doubt on global warming.”

“the papers indicate that discrediting established climate science remains a core mission of the organization, which has received support from a network of wealthy individuals – including the Koch oil billionaires as well as corporations such as Microsoft and RJR Tobacco…..”

it turns out that Dr. Peter Gleick, from Yale and Berkeley….an environmental activist…was the person who used “deception to obtain confidential papers”…and this has set off a huge tornado of protest about how unethical he was…being a scientist and all…

all I can say is  BRAVO Dr Gleick, ….if we did not have people like Daniel Ellsberg (sp) of Pentagon Papers fame…and Julian Assange of Wikileaks….

how in the HELL are we …living in a “democratic” supposedly “translucent”  society going  to find out anything…..

and then there is the article in the current New Yorker (Feb 27th) of the 1200  Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean….white sand and azure water…200 hundred of  these islands are occupied by “Maldivians who, as Muslims, have long been forbidden pork and alcohol , and who as subjects of the autocrat Maumoon Gayoom were denied basic freedoms, while 99 islands were reserved for rich tourists awash …in mojitos and internet porn” (actually nothing wrong with the porn aspect…)

anyway Mohamed Nasheed ..in 2008 defeated Gayoom…and became the first “democratically elected” President of the Maldives….he petitioned the Copenhagen Climate Summit in 2009 to reduce carbon emission to “350 parts per million”…..that he felt would keep the oceans at bay…from inundating his country

as the Maldives will be underwater soon……all of these islands…

well on February 7th he was “forced to resign”..Gayoom’s people were going to kill him……and  after this …control of the country has gone “serenely” to his Vice-President Mohamed Waheed Hassan….

and on another note…I talked today ..well we talk every day to my friend Jim in rehab…he broke his shoulder 4 days or so after Thanksgiving…and has been in this rehab joint for 2 1/2 months ..that his doctor of 34 years owns….well his therapists told his doc that Jim is NOT improving as he should be …as he has no use of his hand…he can move his arm but not do anything with his fingers…..

so his doctor of 34 years said he was sending Jim to 2 docs for observation…well Jim was dressed and sent with his nurse by ambulance to the docs office…arrived at 11:30…he sat there in his wheel chair for 3 hours…..

he was FURIOUS…but was at all of these people’s mercy…so just bit the bullet..

the doc told him she felt when he had his “minor” stroke…and fainted …his head hitting the concrete must have torn a nerve or muscle in his neck  that controlled his fingers….

.I said “Oh Jim come on….YOUR doctor of 34 years is just trying to avoid a lawsuit”…as I feel he screwed up originally rushing you into surgery with a doctor you did not know…..or even saw until a month after the surgery…

I swear I am going to get him out of there …within the next month..as this is ALL wrong…..

On the bright side he won the bingo tournament at the rehab joint….and his prize…was a bar of “Irish Spring” …soap..

The one thing I regret in learning earlier on  in this voyage of Life…is that MONEY HAS  and will ALWAYS be the instrument that can hurt life…or Help LIFE…on this planet….

as there are so many unknown wealthy people who don’t want to have any publicity but help..Oprah, .Warren  Buffet and Bill and Melinda (or is it Linda) Gates …they really don’t want any publicity…well Oprah does for obvious resons…….

but there always is this silent minority that we owe so much to….whom we will never know…..

and speaking of silent  …which is my middle name….

I was at work and was asked to join 3 of my wonderful cohorts  to talk about a program with the Electric  Director in charge …of a program the city has set up to handle constituents complaints in a speedy and  efficient way….

well this guy…this dear, dear man….spoke up after a bit of discussion…..and said ..the basic problem is due to the programmer IS/WAS out of touch….

he said there is nothing wrong with this programmer…it is merely that he has never done this kind of thing before…..

the director looked stressed out…and said…You mean it has taken me 8 months to hear this??

I said ..well at least you can be Happy that it has not gone out to the public yet…

She looked at me …like she smelled something bad in the air.. and said..

“Thank YOU Susie Sunshine”…..


( and my only wish in my Life ..is to see Muslims accepted by the US…

as women, Blacks, and Gays are begiining to be…

I was fortunate enough to have this Brilliant Professor as a roommate ….who is Black…who is from an Islamic family… who is Gay…and his family will not talk to him since he is a homosexual…..

it is JUST soo soo Wrong…and I cannot tell you how I love this brilliant man…he is  razor ripped emotionally by so many sides…but you know what….He KNOWS how EXCELLENT he is…and goes on teaching at Stanford and has a Wonderful partner …..

and a FABULOUS Life…

it is those ignoramuses and his family who lose out…

So “Susie Sunshine” says…just keep crawling up the mountain….as you can ALWAYS laugh at yourself…..

fuck everyone else’s attitude as YOU KNOW!!!!


One Response to ““Susie Sunshine””

  1. daidie said

    Your director sounds like Groucho Grouch. I love your combination of what’s happening in the world and the personal – all things that everyone should know more about and be concerned about. Keep interweaving the personal and the global! Love you xx

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